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In February we celebrate International Women in Science Day, and we want to showcase some truly incredible women we have right here on the Boise State campus who have been making waves in their fields of study for years—I mean, up to 25 years and beyond! How cool is that? We hope you can be inspired by the words of these accomplished Broncos. From associate professors to vice presidents and department chairs, the Boise State community is no stranger to female trailblazers, and they want to show you what’s possible for the future of science.

Brittany Brand – Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences

“I have been fortunate to travel the world studying volcanoes and work with communities to build disaster resilience. It is an exciting and fulfilling life. However, what brings me the most joy in my career is working with and inspiring students to pursue their dreams. Witnessing a student get excited about a project or have an epiphany while looking at the deposits of a volcanic eruption are some of my proudest and most cherished moments as a professor.”

Margaret Kinzel – Chair, Department of Mathematics

“Growing up when I did, I should have experienced opposition to pursuing mathematics as an interest, college major, and career. Luckily, my family influence supported me in pursuing my interests in spite of societal views. I am now serving as the first female chair of the Department of Mathematics at Boise State University. I feel everyone should have the opportunity to explore their strengths and interests in whatever field calls to them. I am grateful to be working at Boise State and in the Math Department where I feel valued as an individual and a professional.”

Susan Shadle – Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies & Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

“Over my 25(!) years at Boise State, I’ve taken my passion for teaching chemistry and supporting students in my research lab and extended it into a campus leadership role aimed at helping every student be successful. I had many great (and a few not-so-great) mentors and I try to create spaces where I and others can provide those supportive connections for students.”

Nancy Glenn – Interim Vice President of Research and Economic Development

“The most satisfying aspect of science and engineering for me is the opportunity to learn alongside students in our field of interdisciplinary remote sensing of the environment.”

Jen Pierce – Professor, Department of Geosciences

“What does it mean for me to be a woman in science? It means teaching students of all ages about the causes, consequences and solutions to climate change. I love getting people interested in the complex beauty of planet Earth.”

Jodi Mead – Professor, Department of Mathematics

“I’m grateful for opportunities I’ve had at Boise State to work with amazing women students and colleagues who have helped me grow as a mathematician. The support and creativity these women offer make going to work enjoyable each day.”

Marie-Anne DeGraaff – Professor, Department of Biology

“Ever since I saw grass growing on the beach as a kid, I’ve been fascinated by the way plants change soils and the microorganisms that inhabit them. I’m excited to contribute to a better understanding of plant-soil interactions to safeguard food production, mitigate climate change and restore ecosystems. Sharing these interests and ideas with the growing number of women scientists in my field and beyond, has created an amazing journey.”

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