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Your Unofficial Guide to Getting an On-campus Job

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So you’ve decided to add the responsibility of getting a job while being a student… Go you! Boise State has many student employment options, whether it’s in the Student Union or the Rec Center. There’s a lot to consider when diving into the job search phase, so we’re here to guide you in the right direction. You may be wondering, “Where do I even start? How do I successfully find a job?” Boise State has many resources for you. Let’s boil it down.

First, consider the benefits

Here are just a few fo the plethora of benefits of working on campus:

  • You can stay connected with friends, resources, and staff who care about you.
  • Employers understand the responsibility and priority of being a student and can be more flexible with scheduling.
  • It’s convenient to be on campus so you can work before or after classes with little to no commute time.
  • There’s a variety of jobs to choose from to fit your career goals.
  • You’ll have opportunities to learn professional skills and get career experience that will benefit you in the long-run.

Check out job fairs

Keep yours eyes out for information on the On-Campus and Part-Time Job Fair during Bronco Welcome in August. Swing by, visit booths that look interesting to you and talk to some potential employers. Take this opportunity to build professional relationships and practice asking questions and talking about your skills.

Stay up-to-date on career events so you don’t miss out on any valuable opportunities!

Use job search tools

When it comes to finding job openings on campus, Handshake is your best friend. Read up on how Handshake can help you get a job. Once you make an account, be sure to check the site regularly for updates on job openings and application deadlines since each department has their own timeline and process for hiring.

Pro tip: Keep your LinkedIn up to date with your work experience and skills to impress potential employers.

It’s more than just a job

Your job should point you in the direction of a potential career and help you develop professional skills to build your resume — not just be a paycheck (although that’s a great bonus). Getting a job as a student can help you build not only your resume, but also your skills, knowledge and confidence, too! Personally, having a job on campus has developed my skills in more areas than I imagined.

Making connections with your coworkers and people you come in contact with grows your circle which benefits you in the long run. If you leave a good impression on an employer, they make a good recommendation to future employers for you or even help connect you with more jobs that could jumpstart your career.

My coworkers and supervisors at the Student Communications and Marketing Department on campus are extremely understanding and courteous of the demands of being a student and my career goals. Writing articles for you is just a stepping stone for my professional development but it’s a position I’ll be forever grateful for.

Be prepared

Remember to bring to campus original, unexpired documents such as:

  • a driver’s license with a social security card or birth certificate
  • a passport

Acceptable documents are found on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration website.

  • Fill out your I-9: New employees need these to fill out an I-9 on or before their first day of employment. Get ahead of the game!

Get help from Career Services

Don’t be afraid to reach out to Career Services. They’re eager to help you find student jobs, go over applications materials and teach you about personal branding and how to boost your online presence. You can make an appointment with Career Services to get direction and ask questions.

Only you are responsible for making your career goals happen so, with the knowledge you have now, take action!

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