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Digital Content & Design

Digital Content & Design work together in order to create visual solutions including photography, videography, graphic design and illustration. We plan and execute the visual aspects of The Arbiter, University Pulse Radio, and Student Media. We also work with the community of Boise State and professional clients.

We use our collaborative skills to come to creative solutions. These solutions are meant to interpret our messages to be most successfully visually understood as well as accomplish the goals set out for the needs of Student Media.

Digital Content

The Digital Content team mainly produces content for both The Arbiter and University Pulse Radio. Additionally, the team produces multimedia content for student organizations, campus departments and clients in the community to help support revenue projects.

Design Team

The design team consists of the Graphic Design Manager, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator.

As a team, we work closely with Digital Content, The Arbiter, University Pulse Radio, Sales and all other staff.

We work daily to create visual solutions to support the daily publishing of online articles, a weekly print issue, and any requested in-house designs requested by Student Media. We also work with other communities on campus as well as professional clients.

Digital Content and Design Staff