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Start Green and Leave Green

Start Green

In partnership with Goodwill, Boise State University encourages students to start their year off sustainably! Each fall, thousands of students begin their academic careers by buying poorly made, unnecessary, or redundant furniture, decorations, equipment, and more. By purchasing lightly used goods, instead of poorly made new items, that, along with the excessive packaging they often come in, often make their way to the landfill within a few short years, you can make a difference! So, this year, START GREEN! Below, you’ll find a coupon for 20% off at local Goodwill stores, tips for reducing waste during move-in, and a link to a map detailing the locations of dozens of local thrift stores. Happy hunting, and go Broncos!

Goodwill 20% off coupon

Leave Green

Finals are almost over, and the finish line is in view! While you are making plans for your summer, don’t forget to make plans for the used and unwanted items you’ve accumulated over the year. Goodwill and Boise State will be providing boxes in locations throughout each of the residence halls for your convenience. Donate clothes, household items, and more! Help those in need by providing sealed, shelf-stable foods to the campus food pantry donation boxes. Your efforts help to reduce landfill waste, and keep bellies full! So, this summer, LEAVE GREEN!

Avoid these Items to Save Time, Money, and Space at the Landfill

  1. Poorly made furniture like plastic dressers and foldable chairs are likely to break and end up at the landfill.
  2. Memory foam mattress toppers. Charities and second-hand stores will not accept, or make them available for resale. Many are used for only a year and added to landfills.
  3. Excess decor for your desk and bed, such as clocks, fake plants, and throw pillows.
  4. Excess school supplies. Wait to see what you’re going to need when classes start!
  5. Excess appliances/kitchenware. Coordinate with roommates and use common room appliances.
  6. Excess clothing, shoes, and other materials.

Boise Thrift Store Map