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ProctorU Record+

Record+ relies on A.I. based monitoring, as well as live proctors who review the footage of students’ exam sessions. Students will not incur a cost by using this option for proctored exams. Tests will be proctored on demand; scheduling in advance will not be necessary.

Using Record+ With Your Exams

Instructors can set up Record+ to work with their Canvas Quizzes/Exams by following the steps outlined in the Learning Technology Knowledge Base. See the provided Record+ syllabus addendum for the suggested syllabus language.

Alternatively, instructors can complete a service request form at least 14 days prior to the exam to have the test set up on your behalf and the Record+ student directions added to the course.

Instructor FAQ

Can I offer alternatives to a traditional exam or final?

It is recommended that instructors exercise flexibility with due dates and the exam availability window, as many testing environment variables will require time for support to troubleshoot. This includes device compatibility, device security settings, and internet stability. Instructors are encouraged to consider asynchronous projects, essays, or other meaningful assessment activities.

Instructional Designers are available to help you create alternative assessments. Please begin this process by  contacting the Help Desk.

What if some of my students can't use Record+?

Keep in mind that some of your students may not meet the technical requirements to use ProctorU. Many communities lack access to reliable broadband internet speeds. Alternative exam administration is up to the instructor. If a student is not able to test due to device issues and has followed the support process, the student will need to locate an alternate device that is compatible or work directly with the instructor for alternatives.

On the Record+ Service Request Form, Instructors can identify an alternative for students who are unable to use virtual proctoring. It is up to the instructor to decide the appropriate course of action for students who make an effort to work with the Help Desk, but are unable to use Record+. However, this must be identified in advance in order to avoid delays. Examples of alternatives include taking the test with Respondus LockDown Browser or referring the student to the instructor to take the test over Zoom.

Note: Please advise your students to verify compatibility before they attempt their exam session. The student instructions include directions for checking compatibility using an online tool provided by ProctorU.

What is the difference between Live+ and Record+? Which should I use?

Live+ vs. Record+

Proctor-U Live+ includes the same features as Record+, but with an added Live Monitoring & Intervention feature. With Live+, a proctor actively monitors students, creates session notes, and can intervene in the event of suspicious activity. With Record+, suspicious activity is automatically flagged for proctors to review. Both services use AI-based detection to discern movement, lighting changes, unusual noises, looking off-screen consistently, and on-screen activity.

Which should you use?

Record+ will be provided at no cost to students. However, Live+ is only permitted if you have already committed to using the service and communicated the fees associated with live proctoring prior to the semester’s start.

The Higher Education Opportunity Act, Chapter 34, §602.17(g)(2), prohibits the use of identity verification services that require students to pay a fee unless they have been notified prior to enrollment. Instructors who migrated to online instruction as part of the campus closure must use Record+ (if proctoring is required).

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