Scheduling An Appointment

Students can schedule exam appointments for Boise State courses by using their Registerblast account. Appointments for Boise State exams are not optional. Students must attempt to schedule appointments for all exams. If you experience technical difficulty and are unable to schedule an appointment,  contact Walk-ins are only acceptable if you cannot find an available appointment time that meets your schedule.

Accessing your Account

A Registerblast account is automatically generated for all Boise State students. To access this account for the first time, you must reset your account password by clicking the password reset option on the student portal.

Registerblast Student Portal

Making an Appointment

After logging in to your Registerblast account, click the “My Exams” link from the navigation menu at the top of the page.

You will see a list of all exams that are assigned to you based on your current course enrollment. Select one of the tests and complete the registration form to add the exam to your cart.

You can either complete your registration or add other exams to your cart.


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