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High School Theatre Festival

51st Annual Invitational High School Theatre Festival February 24-25, 2020

The Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing invites you and your students to our annual Boise State University High School Theatre Festival, Monday and Tuesday, February 24 and 25, 2020. High School Festival is always an exciting and event-filled two days that will feature numerous and varied workshops.  

I am very pleased to invite you and your students to attend the Boise State 2020 High School Theatre Arts Festival on Monday, February 24 and Tuesday, February 25 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm in the Student Union Building. Once again the Theatre Arts program promises an exciting and event-filled festival that will feature numerous and varied events that apply to every aspect of the Theatre.

This year’s registration cost for each student will be $25 for both days or $15 for one day. As usual, all faculty, staff members and chaperones attend the Festival free of charge. To register, please complete the enclosed registration form. The final registration deadline is Friday, February 8, 2020. Registration fees can be paid by Check, Purchasing Card/Credit Card, or Purchase Order, either with a hard copy, digital copy or discussed over the phone with Margaret LeMay. Pre-payment is required for all registrations due to University policies. Please make certain to connect with Margaret LeMay in regards to registration payments.

Our festival student coordinator is DJ Habben and her assistant is Jade Browne. This year, the Theatre Majors Association will be producing a performance of The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield, a delightfully madcap parody of the Bard’s great works. Performance time is yet to be determined.

Please contact Margaret LeMay if you have any questions or comments about registration, workshops, or other topics. We will keep a similar schedule to previous years, meaning 50-minute workshops throughout the day, although we may combine time-slots for longer events. As we begin organizing the Festival, we would love to hear from you about any ideas you might have or if you would like to conduct a workshop. We hope that you and your students will be able to attend these events. You can reach our Management Assistant, Margaret LeMay at 208-426-3957 or Or you may contact me directly at 208-426-1500 or
We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

Richard Klautsch, Chair
Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing
Boise State University



These are examples of the diverse workshops we will be offering at the Festival this year:

  • Knot Tying – Demonstrating a variety of knots and discussing their uses within a theatre space.
  • Wacky World of Wombats – Students will learn about the different vocal variables and how to manipulate the voice to create a cartoon character (or any character)!
  • How Not to Kill Each Other – Handling Prop Weapons Responsibly – Students will learn how to safely and responsibly handle weapons on and off stage.
  • ZenSation – Preparing the body, mind and voice for performance.
  • Road Kill 101: An Introduction to wounds, bruises, and scars – An introduction to stage gore, you will get hands on experience, learning how to create wounds, scars and bruises.  Come join us for a horrific experience!
  • Warm-Up Games and Short-Form Improv – Students will learn the importance of warming up for a performance and honing their improvisational skills by thinking on their feet.
  • Out Damned Spot! –Stage Blood and How to Make it Go Away – Students will learn how to make stage blood, and more importantly, how to clean-up afterwards.
  • Princes and Paupers – This workshop will introduce students to the basic steps of learning a stage dialect. We will briefly cover both Standard British and Cockney dialect.
  • Mambo Madness – Learn Fosse-style musical theatre/jazz from the musical, Damn Yankees. It’s time to move and groove.
  • Stage Management – That weird unforeseen force that keeps theatre together but that no one understands or appreciates. Students will gain insight, helpful hints, and problem-solving strategies.
  • Sound Shaping – This workshop will use action words to help students increase physical/vocal expressiveness and add dynamic qualities to character and text. Participants should be prepared to MOVE!
  • Scene Work – Students will be taking a scene, working it through, examining different points of view and progressing it to final “versions”. Scene will be provided.
  • and more….