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Fall 2023 audition information is below!

Please see the below information for preparation and Audition Request Form. Once auditions begin, Out of State Fee Waivers & Scholarship Awards will be awarded to successful auditionees while funds continue to be available.

Please carefully review the requirements below, then prepare to fill out the Audition Appointment Form, which will open on January 1, 2023. Auditionees that reside within 100 miles are requested to sign up for a live audition, while those outside that have the option to submit a video link, instructions below.

 Questions? email or call (208) 426-1846.

Audition Steps:

  1. Prepare for your BTMB audition with the video guide and instrument specific materials below. If you are outside the 100 mile range and are applying for a video audition, please upload your completed audition as an unlisted video to YouTube, and make note of your link.
    1. Use the Audition Request Form (available January 1, 2023) to submit the link to your video audition or request an audition slot.

Important Information:

    • For out of state applicants applying for an Out of State Fee Waiver, it is highly recommended that we receive your completed audition link by February 25, 2023 when the committee will begin to make fee waiver decisions. Completed auditions received after this date will be processed and waivers offered as remaining funds are available.
    • Live Audition dates for the Music Department in conjunction with Blue Thunder Marching Band will take place on February 11 & 25, 2023; please peruse the Music Department admission page for audition information and forms. In addition, fill out our Audition Request Form (available January 1, 2023) where you will let us know that you are also auditioning for the Music Department.
    • Live Audition Dates for Blue Thunder Marching Band only will take place on March 31 and April 1, 2023. If you are interested in auditioning please follow the Audition Steps noted above.
    • If you would like to audition for more than one section, simply repeat the steps to submit a video or schedule and audition appointment for each instrument.
    • This audition, combined with your Boise State Acceptance and Boise State General Scholarship Application are the components to your BTMB scholarship application, please be sure all three steps are completed. Note that scholarships are awarded only as long as there are funds available.

color guard

Audition Preparation Material