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Utility, Affordability, and Safety

Sophia Gallardo, Whitnee Wall, Carlie Rueth, Nick Malliaras, Christy Suciu, Alhareth Alhisan

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Two teachers hanging up something on a wall with one of the teachers using a desk and cabinet as a ladder

Workplace injuries for school employees:

  • 30% Fall, slip or trip
  • 27% Struck
  • 24% Strain
  • 5% Cut, puncture, or scrape
  • 5% Exposure to
  • 4% Striking against or stepping on
  • 5% Other


  • Need for multiple tools (remover & stapler)
  • Difficult to reach tops of bulletin boards
  • Lengthy decorating process


Sample product, modified stapler on a long pole
  • Extendable tool with motorized stapler
  • Compartment to catch staples
  • Compact
  • No sharp edges

This product can help teachers frequently change bulletin boards. Changing boards supports learning outcomes and keep students feeling valued (Anderson, n.d.).

Customer Segment

  • Teachers, Admin Personnel, & Daycare employees
  • Since 2019, there are about 3.2 million public school teachers in the U.S. (National Center for Education Statistics, n.d.)


  • Unfair Advantage: Patents & affordable manufacturing
  • Channels: Mass retailers & office supplies stores
  • Cost Structure: COGS – $20, Retail price – $44.99
  • Key Metrics: Safety & Affordability

Additional Information

References available upon request. For questions or comments about this research, contact Sophia Gallardo at