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Research Reflection “Selfie” Video Instructions


Creating the Video

Videos can be captured with personal phones, tablet, computer, or point-and-shoot cameras. The length of video should not exceed 2 minutes. Carolyn Quintero, Boise State Web Accessibility Analyst,  provides this advice, “…ensure good lighting. If you don’t have a room with good lighting, try shooting the video near a window, and face the natural light.”

In your video, please address one of the three prompts listed below. (Thank you to Prof. Kelly Myers for developing these prompts.)  Use the prompt’s guiding questions to help focus your brief video.

Prompt 1: Tell the story of your research process.

  • The traditional story structure has a beginning, middle, and end. As you think about your research experience, consider these questions:
    • Where or how, specifically, did your research begin?
    • What were some of the milestones or accomplishments along the way?
    • Where are you now? Is this the end of your work, or is it a step in a larger journey? Describe.

Prompt 2: The One Key Idea

  • Your research is full of important information, but what if your audience could only remember one key idea?
  • What’s the one thing that the audience must know about your work?

Prompt 3: Research Identity

  • We all have lots of identities (student, sibling, athlete, friend, etc). With the work you have done, you can now count researcher as one of your identities.
  • Who are you as a researcher? Describe.
  • What have you learned, and how have you grown through your research?
  • Describe yourself as a researcher in 3 words.

Uploading, Making Accessible & Sharing Video

In order to include your video in the Undergraduate Research Showcase Poster Session, presenters will have to upload their “selfie” videos to YouTube through their Boise State G Suite (Google) accounts.

  • Upload your video using YouTube. Make sure to use your Boise State (G Suite) account. Click here for additional Boise State YouTube instructions. 
  • Once your video is uploaded to Boise State YouTube, make sure that your video share settings are either “public” or “unlisted.” This will allow Poster Session attendees to watch your video.
      • Public: videos can be viewed by anyone on the web and will show up in Google searches
      • Unlisted: videos can be viewed by anyone with the link.

Make sure your video is accessible to all users by including closed captioning.

Share your video URL with the appropriate event organizers.

  • Consider also sharing your video through social media channels and the event’s social media hashtag