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IFITS Statement on the Use of AI

Research is a deeply reflective process, and so is the process of sharing and communicating about your research. Before you use AI tools to create a poster, text blurb or an image of your research, we urge you to pause and think about why you are using AI.

  • Do you have permission from your research supervisor to use AI tools to communicate your research?
  • What are AI-related policies in your research protocol?
  • Is AI providing you with images or text to better communicate your research?

If you do use AI in an abstract, poster submission, poster, video, document, image or any other artifact, we require you to cite it. See the following section for citation and other AI resources.

Refer to the Boise State AI policy site for a comprehensive guide to Boise State University policies pertaining to generative AI use by educators, researchers, and students.

AI resources

How to Cite AI

Various AI Tools


Image Generators


AI Glossary

Common Terms