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Benefits and Compensation

We understand the challenges students face when attempting to complete their college education. As part of their work in the program, B2B Fellows receive a compensation package.

Students will receive a yearly $14,340 stipend during the first two years of the program. The stipend will be paid over the course of the year.

Students will also be eligible to receive a 60% tuition waiver during the first two years. Full-time students will receive the year one funds at CWI and the year two funds at Boise State University.

Additional Support

While financial compensation is at the forefront of the compensation package, the Bridges to Baccalaureate program provides additional support to students. Students will receive:

  • Enhanced advising to help you plan your future courses
  • Peer mentoring to assist in transitioning to Boise State and prepare for their research experience.
  • An opportunity to work with a faculty mentor over the course of two years. Explore the research profiles of B2B faculty mentors here.
  • Continued engagement at Boise State through research and specialized B2B courses
  • Individual assistance to prepare for the job market or graduate school pursuits