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Alumni Profile: Matt Mueller ’20 Synthesizing Insights to Create Action


Columnist, Insights Manager, Board Member
Current City: Sarasota, Florida

Matt currently serves as an Insights Manager for C.A. Fortune a privately held consumer brands agency that works with its clients on everything from incubation, to activation, to branding and marketing, and every step in between. In addition to his role at C.A. Fortune, Matt also serves as a Board Member for YesLiberia, Inc. whose mission is to empower young people through meaningful service-learning opportunities in education, healthcare, and technology. In addition to his professional work, Matt continues to contribute to the UX community as a Freelance Columnist for InnoLead where he contributes to a number of topics in the innovation space with a unique point of view based on experiences and observations of current events in the industry.

Connect with Matt on Linkedin and check out some of the great articles he has contributed to.


Alumni Matt Mueller explains the value he received from the UXR program and how it contributed to his career success.

Video Transcript

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>> MATT MUELLER: This course provides a great mix of reading, doing, and collaborating. And it dives deep into different methodologies of qualitative research and also how to use them. It has absolutely helped me within my career, but it’s also helped in other aspects of my life. Since this course I feel now I’m a better communicator. I am more of a strategic thinker and I’m absolutely a more confident leader.