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Alumni Profile of the Week: Matt Mueller

Our alumni profile of the week for August 22, 2022, is Matt Mueller.

Matt has been very active since completing his UX-PRO Research Certificate at Boise State in 2020. Matt has become an Insights Manager at C/A Fortune, a columnist for InnoLead, and authored a book – The Mindful Innovator – which will be released in January 2023. His book is now available for preorder with lots of great perks like The Mindful Innovator Workshop, which will teach everyone how to apply the practical tips that are in the book.

Matt was driven to write about mindful innovation to share with others that change does not have to be difficult if we just listen to our customers.

Marketing his book has opened new doors! Matt has begun a podcasting tour to explain what a Mindful Innovator is. He has also become a meditation teacher on Insight Timer to share tips on how to innovate mindfully and how it can help you listen to your customers and key stakeholders.

If you studied with Matt, reach out and renew your connection. If you didn’t, get to know him and share some of his positive energy!