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Alumni Profile: UXR skillset helps Jessi Boyer ’22 become her own boss and advance her education

Jessi boyer in white shirt and black jacket points to sticky notes on a white board

Program: UX PRO ’22
MA Anthropology, Boise State University
Current City: Boise, Idaho

Jessi completed her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies while also pursuing the Certificate in User Experience Research. During her undergraduate program, Jessi set up an LLC and started working with clients doing UX consulting. In addition to her consulting work, Jessi has decided to pursue a Master of Arts in Anthropology and the User Research Graduate Certificate beginning in Fall 2022. As part of her graduate program, she will serve as a Graduate Research Assistant working on a project funded by the National Science Foundation, titled “Evolutionary Insights into Digital Ecologies of Fear.

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Jessi Boyer

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