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Alumni Profile of the Week: Joe Nelson

This week we want to introduce you to Joe Nelson. As a graduate student at Boise State, Joe helped develop the original UX Research Certificate (then known as the Design Ethnography Certificate) in 2016. Today Joe works as a User Researcher at Master Control.

In the years since I assisted in developing the Design Ethnography Certificate and instructing several of the courses, I have been working in roles that are extensions of the principles laid out in the User Experience program.

I work in full-time software as a service (SaaS) roles, both b2b & b2c, doing research that directly informs product development. As a researcher at MasterControl, I help fulfill the company’s mission to bring life changing products to more people, sooner. My anthropological background makes me unique, giving me an understanding of human behavior and attitudes that makes me a valued voice in the product development lifecycle.

On any given day you’ll find me coding data, talking with users, writing guides, and collaborating with product leaders to identify pains and needs in a user’s journey. I believe that if we listen to our users, observe them using the product, and have wise leadership, we can create delightful experiences for users of our product.

Working on Design Ethnography at Boise State was a cornerstone for building a career in qualitative research. I am always open to learning more, excited to see where UX Research goes next. Reach out and connect with me!

If you studied with Joe, reach out and renew your connection. If you didn’t, get to know him and learn more about his UX research journey!