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Alumni Profile of the Week: Tiffany Fite

This week we want to introduce you to Tiffany Fite! Tiffany earned the UX PRO Research Certificate in 2021. If you studied with Tiffany, reach out and renew your connection. If you didn’t, connect and learn more about her UX research journey!

A few months after my Spring 2021 graduation, I joined a boutique consulting firm as an Organizational Change Manager (OCM). I had been working in OCM for several years, but always within organizations. I was intrigued by the variety and experience consulting could offer, and it was a great time in my life to make a career change –  having a newly minted degree and certificate, and my kids had gone off to university. I travel a lot with my current client, Johnson & Johnson, as we implement a new Surgical Suture Management system in hospital surgery centers. The system provides data and insights to hospital clinical surgical teams, materials management and supply chain. I enjoy being on site with our hospital stakeholders and apply many of the skills I learned through the UXR program in my work – such as asking questions and listening, observation and note taking.

I recently had the opportunity to work alongside UX Design researchers on a sub-project to baseline current state processes for my client. The new researchers, unfortunately, made a critical error in not obtaining informed consent before videotaping processes and interviews, and were let go from the project. I hope they learned a lot from the experience; it certainly cemented for me the importance of Informed Consent. 

Next year, I am planning to venture to graduate school abroad. I am applying for a Masters in Cultural Sociology program for a Fall 2023 start. It’s a good time in my life for a career pause, an adventure and new skills to pivot me into the next phase of my life and career. My experience in BSU’s BA and UXR Certificate program, and my professional experiences, have prepared me well.