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Roadmap to UX-PRO

Start Your Journey in User Experience Research

1. UX-PRO Program Application

Before taking steps to formally apply for admission to Boise State, complete the UX-PRO Application to notify the program of your intent to apply so that we can assist you step-by-step through the application process.

2. Boise State Application

Apply to Boise State University by submitting the Boise State Undergraduate Admission Application. You will be directed to select your admission preference (degree-seeking or non-degree seeking) as well as your academic goals. We encourage you to review our admissions webpage to assist you with completing the application.

3. Submit Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are required to complete your application. Initiate the process ASAP to overcome possible delays.

Admitted to UX-PRO

Once your application and transcript(s) have been received and processed, and the University determines that you have met the necessary requirements to be admitted, you will officially be admitted to BSU and the UX-PRO Certificate program. Going forward all communications from the University and UX-PRO Program will be sent to your BSU student email account.

4. Access MyBoiseState Email

An email will be sent to the email address you provided on your admission application with your BSU username and Student ID number. You will use those details and instructions provided to log in and set up your myBoiseState account.

5. UX-PRO Program Orientation

Once admitted to the program you will receive a link in your BSU Student email account to access the Online Program Orientation. Upon completing the orientation, you will be assigned a UX program advisor.

6. Student Financial Agreement

You will need to sign in to your my.BoiseState account and take care of the Student Financial Agreement Hold. This hold is put on every student’s account every semester and is easy to remove. Learn how to remove the SFA hold.

7. Register for Classes

In general, allow 5-6 hours per week for each one-credit course; professional students working online usually select 1-2 credits per 7-week session. Courses are in sequence so it is recommended that you start with UX-PRO 361. Make sure to register for the section which corresponds to the term you are enrolled in. 4301 Sections are held during the first seven weeks of each semester and 4302 Sections are held during the second seven weeks of each semester.