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Student Financial Agreement

  1. Students must review their contact information and complete the financial agreement each semester. To begin, log in to login screenshot
  2. Click the Student Center link under My Resources.
    myBoiseState My Resources menu screenshot with Student Center link highlighted
  3. Next, click on the Tasks tile.Student Homepage Tasks Tile
  4. Select the Financial Agreement for the term you wish to complete.Financial Agreement Term
  5. You will then be directed to the beginning of the agreement. Read the first page and click Begin Agreement, then click Next.Begin Agreement
  6. Next, review your address and update if needed. When you are finished, click Confirm, then click Next.Review Address
  7. Review your email addresses and phone numbers and indicate your preferred number. You can add a new number type if desired. When you are finished, click Confirm, then click Next.Review your email addresses
  8. Read the Financial Agreement carefully. Note that failure to agree to the conditions will prevent enrollment. Click Accept if you agree, then click Next.Read the Financial Agreement
  9. Your agreement is now complete. Once you click Finish you will be eligible to enroll in the new semester and will be taken back to your Student Center.agreement is now complete