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User Experience Research: UXR Program

The coursework in this program emphasizes experiential learning of core methods via hands-on, practical exercises, adapted for business contexts. Students learn how those methods inform design thinking and are communicated to designers. Students develop a social media profile, expand their professional network, and evaluate their skill set in relation to current job postings in user research. In the capstone project, students demonstrate their mastery of the skill-set by negotiating, planning, and executing a user research project with a stakeholder organization.

User Experience Research Certificate

The 12-credit certificate is intended for degree-seeking undergraduate students desiring to enhance or augment their major.

Course Number and TitleCredits
UX 360 Working in the UX Space1
UX 361 Ethical User Research1
UX 362 Asking and Listening1
UX 363 Contextual Inquiry1
UX 364 Design Thinking for Better UX1
UX 365 Go Deeper with Theory1
UX 366 Communicating User Research1
UX 367 Just Enough Research1
UX 368 Planning a Productive Capstone1
UX 469 User Research Capstone3

User Experience Research Minor

The minor is intended for degree-seeking undergraduate students who want to expand on the skills gained in the User Experience Research Certificate by completing complementary coursework. Students can earn a minor in User Experience by taking all of the certificate classes listed above (12 credits) and a total of 6 credits from these options.

Course Number and TitleCredits
ENGL 408 Writing for Non-Profits and Software Documentation3
ENGL 415 Technical Documentation and Usability3
ENGL 416 User-Centered Design Principles
COID 332 Analytics for Design3
Media 301 Multimedia Storytelling3
Other User Experience Research courses with approval of advisorVaries

See instructions on how to add this certificate to your degree plan.

User Research (UXR-Pro) Professional Certificate

This 12-credit fully online certificate is intended for non-degree seeking working professionals who wish to develop or enhance their UXR skillset. Learn more about the UX Professional Certificate program.