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1958 Football Team

National Junior College Champions, Boise State 1958

1958 National Junior College Champion Football Team

Inducted into the Boise State Hall of Fame in 1982

Boise Junior College 1958 Schedule (10-0)

Boise Junior College 51 – Carbon 0
Boise Junior College 40 – Oakland Junior College 0
Boise Junior College 49 – Weber 7
Boise Junior College 55 – Trinidad 0
Boise Junior College 21 – Compton 8
Boise Junior College 25 – Ricks 7
Boise Junior College 29 – Everett 20
Boise Junior College 75 – Dixie 6
Boise Junior College 44 – Olympic 19
Boise Junior College 22 – Tyler 0 (NJCAA Championship Game)

1959 Football Team Roster

Jerry Mahoney, Mike Zarbnisky, Rich Duff, Paul Han, Bardell Bailey, Elson Leavitt, Dave Murdock, Mike Keone, Leonard Lutero, Herb Halliwell, Tyree Kiser, Harry Kealoha, Bill Young, Pete Lizaso, Jim Fisher, Darrell Vail, Roger Yount, Joe Ho, Eugene Watanabe, Frank Bishop, Herman Noblisse, Jerry Inman, Gil Schneider, Joe Smith, Ray Wheeler, Larry Lammers, Bill Jones, Marvin Ghram, Harliss Freeman, Leaonard Chow, Charles Dine, Willie Crozier, Francois Wallace, Ron Gusky, Mike Strong, Bill Moore, Gary Smith, Gene Zhorne, Gary Yates, Gene Smith, Dick Brunch, Doug Jory, Mel Hoelzle, Mahlon Maxwell, Jerry Young, Jim Kearney, Gordon Peck, Wayne Tickle, Charley Wilson, Bill Weaver, Jim McCaffery, Larry Lundin, Grant Hall, Bart Anglin, Ron Ostermeier, Dick Layne, Pail Brunty, Frank Overad, Mack Lochrie, Bill Woodcock, Rich Cerkony, Larry Campbell, Walter Budd, Gayle Laundenslager, James Cassan, Fred Wilcox, Bob Wallis, Dick Ho, Ernest Hue Sing, Wes Boyenger, Fred Caudill.

Coaches – Lyle Smith and Ray Lewis
Assistant Coach – George Blankley
Managers – Bill Jones and Phil Uberuaga