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Dr. John B. Barnes

University President, Boise State 1967-77

Inducted into the Boise State Hall of Fame in 1988

John BarnesJohn Barnes

John B. Barnes, president of Boise State from 1967 to 1977, became the guiding force in the planning, development and building of the majority of the present athletic facilities at Boise State. He was also instrumental in Boise State joining the Big Sky Conference. Barnes presented the Idaho State Board of Education a study of the need for and the financial feasibility of the Boise State Pavilion. During his tenure the Bronco Athletic Association was founded and Boise State made a successful transition from a two-year to a four-year program in athletics. His leadership brought construction of Bronco Stadium, the Varsity Center, and the Auxiliary Gymnasium. He later guided the construction, through private gifts, of the University Club Scholarship Box in Bronco Stadium.