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Booklets are free to the public.

Delivery Options

1. Schedule a time to pick up your order if you are in town.

Email your booklet choices.


Monday – Friday – 8:30 am – 4:30 pm MDT

Physical Address

Boise State University
Liberal Arts Building,
1874 University Drive, Room 230
Boise, ID 83725

2. Send a self-addressed 9″x 12″ envelope with $3.00 of postage for 1-2 booklets. For 3-4 booklets, send the envelope with $6.00 postage, etc.

Email with your booklet choices.


English Department
Boise State University
Western Writers Series
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1525

3. Online Option

If it is inconvenient to send a self-addressed envelope with postage, you are welcome to submit a donation for the booklets towards students’ scholarships. The books are FREE.

Email: with your booklet choices.


Donation to Student Scholarships