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About AASC

Our Statement of Purpose

The goal of the Advising and Academic Support Center is to help Boise State students become more effective and aware college students by providing quality academic advising and support services. We value a collaborative, student-centered approach that strives to empower all students to advocate for their own learning.

Advising and Academic Support

AASC general advising and academic support services are available to all students regardless of major status. AASC strives to achieve our goals for all Boise State students in the following areas:

Major Exploration and Undergraduate Transition

The Major Exploration and Interdisciplinary Studies team provides students support and guidance in exploring their passions, connecting with resources, and navigating higher education to further develop their academic path and personal goals.

Academic Development and Recovery

The Academic Development and Recovery team is here to assist if students are struggling academically, offer strategies to improve academic skills, and promote confidence in students’ ability to succeed at Boise State University. We can help:

  • Navigate and understand university requirements, policies and processes related to academic probation, dismissal and reinstatement including relevant academic and financial aid appeals.
  • Develop academic skills, recognize areas of improvement and connect to academic success resources.
  • Examine available options and help you make decisions about your future.

Academic Support

The Academic Support Team is student-centered, collaborative, and guided by learning theories and empirically-based practices to help students become confident, resourced, self-regulated learners. We believe that the university experience can and should be enlightening, transformative, and fun! We put students and their academic needs first and provide quality academic support through:

  • Coordination of peer-to-peer learning programs including Peer Academic Consultants and Learning Assistants
  • Training students, faculty, and staff in best practices using peer support models
  • Developing and delivering academic support curriculum, tools, and events for the campus community