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Undeclared Students

Undeclared Students at Boise State

The Advising and Academic Support Center (AASC) assists Undeclared students in thoughtful and intentional reflection to assist students in declaring a major. If you are currently Undeclared in your myBoiseState, you will schedule an academic advising appointment by clicking on the photo of you assigned advisor below.

If you are interested in becoming Undeclared or exploring changing your major, please visit the Major Exploration webpage.

Book an AASC Advising Appointment for Undergraduate Advising:

Make an appointment with an Undeclared and Major Exploration academic advisor. Select either in-person or over Zoom.

Click to make an appointment with Tim Noftzger

To contact Tim, email

Click to make an appointment with Brigitte Cammack

To contact Brigitte, email

Click to make an appointment with Breanna Ribeiro

To contact Breanna, email

Are you ready to change your major?

Steps to Change Major

Follow these steps to formally change your major:

  1. Log in to myBoiseState.
  2. Click “Student View”.
  3. Click on “Change My Major”.
  4. DELETE current major.
  5. ADD new major.
  6. Choose an area of emphasis (if applicable).
  7. Click SUBMIT when finished.