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Academic Alert

Request Support for Students

Submit an Academic Alert

The Academic Alert referral service provides faculty with an outlet for requesting support for students who are struggling academically (e.g., missing assignments, poor attendance, needs tutoring). An Academic Development and Recovery advisor will reach out to the student within two days and will reach back to the faculty member submitting the report within ten days to update on the progress of the outreach.

Reasons to Submit and Academic Early Alert:

Student is showing signs of academic difficulty. Signs include:

  • Missing 1 + classes within the first two weeks of the semester
  • Missing numerous classes during the course of the semester
  • Poor performance
  • Low engagement in the classroom
  • Poor quality of writing
  • Academic skills: Time Management, reading, note taking.

Note to faculty: Students will be notified from whom and why the referral was made on their behalf. Any information you provide may be shared with the student. As such, observations should be objectively stated.

If the student presents distressing, disturbing, disruptive, and dangerous behaviors, a report should be submitted to the CARE team, instead of Academic Alert. If this is an emergency and/or there is a potential threat to an individual, please contact police at 9-1-1 or campus police and security at 208-426-6911.