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Presidential Award for Innovation

Innovation demands daring.

Everyday on our Boise State campus, students, faculty and staff are working to solve problems in imaginative, new ways. This innovation mindset, what we call blue turf thinking, is evident in the everyday innovations you see all over campus–creative efforts that lead to the success and well-being of our campus community and beyond. We strive to nurture a culture where every member of our Boise State community is empowered to be innovative. The nominees and winners of the Presidential Innovation Awards exemplify that culture in ways both large and small, and they inspire all of us to proudly innovate into the future.

— Dr. Marlene Tromp, President

2023 Winner | Faculty

Kathleen Araújo

Dr. Kathleen Araújo, Director of the Energy Policy Institute in the School of Public Service at Boise State University, created a unique, cross-institutional graduate certificate program that is the first of its kind, the Graduate Certificate Program in Nuclear Safeguards and Security. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of nuclear safeguards and security, as well as the policy and regulatory frameworks that govern these areas.

Dr. Araújo's Story of Innovation
2023 Winner | Staff

Griff Allen

Griff Allen, the Engineering Innovation Studio (EIS) Manager, is a key player in providing a welcoming environment for experiential learning among students at Boise State University. Allen is responsible for the creation and development of the EIS, originally designed for Mechanical Engineering students, now also serving Civil Engineering and Engineering+. With his innovative thinking, Allen has built an environment for student collaboration and intentional design that has grown into a welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic space.

Allen's Story of Innovation
2023 Winner | Student

Mustafa Hakeem

Mustafa Hakeem, an honors student in Business at Boise State University, revived the Business Professionals of America (BPA) club after it had been inactive since 2019 due to a lack of leadership. Hakeem saw the potential in the club, one of the only business clubs at Boise State with national recognition, and worked tirelessly to resurrect it. Through his leadership skills and dedication, Hakeem was able to bring in passionate members and secure funding for the club’s activities, ultimately leading to its success.

Hakeem's Story of Innovation

All Finalists

119 nominations were submitted for the 2023 Presidential Innovation Awards. Of the 55 staff members, 35 faculty and administrators, and 9 student nominees, 15 individuals or groups were named finalists by the Innovation Network Steering Committee based on the imaginative approach they took to foster innovation across campus. The President then selected 3 winners to recognize for excellence in innovation this year.

2024 Nominations

The Presidential Innovation Awards at Boise State recognize excellence in innovation from across the Boise State campus. Awards celebrate creating a culture of innovation, imaginative approaches to problem-solving, and evidence of experimentation and growth mindset. Know someone whose creative efforts should be recognized?

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