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Additional Resources

The Office of the Dean of Students can provide additional support or referrals regarding any of the topics discussed on this site.  In addition, the following offices and links may be of use.

  • The following video provides an overview of academic integrity at Boise State, focusing on strategies to promote academic integrity in your learning environment through assignment design and transparent conversation about potential consequences of academic misconduct and benefits of academic integrity. The video also discusses policy and procedure, including the Student Code of Conduct, how to report acts of academic misconduct, and ways to address concerns with your student(s) before you file the report.
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning, and the IDEA Shop provide workshops, resources and consultations to support pedagogical development.
  • For online courses, contact the eCampus Center for consultation, resources, and support.
  • The Boise State English Support website contains many resources designed specifically to support English Language Learners that also promote academic integrity for all students.  The strategies for creating effective writing assignments are particularly relevant.
  • Additional campus resources for students may be useful to provide in your syllabus or in your course.
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