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Step by Step Guide to Addressing Academic Misconduct

  1. Review the definition of academic misconduct to evaluate suspected misconduct. In addition to this step-by-step guide, you can also review the full details of the procedure for addressing academic misconduct. Both of these are excerpted from Policy 2020, the Student Code of Conduct.
  2. Document the alleged incident of academic dishonesty.
    1. Evidence may include unauthorized materials such as crib notes, exams on which cheating is suspected to have occurred, plagiarized materials, and other sources.
    2. In cases that you are alleging that a student plagiarized another individual’s work, retain a copy of that work along with the student’s work and clearly underline or highlight portions that are similar.
    3. Please also include your course syllabus in the documentation.
  3. Notify the student(s) of your allegation and provide the student(s) with an opportunity to respond, in-person if possible. Google Hangout, phone, and email are also options if an in-person meeting isn’t possible. Your notification should include a date and time by which the student(s) needs to respond. This website contains suggestions for discussing possible academic misconduct which may be helpful.
  4. Consult with your department chair, academic program director, coordinator of the class you are teaching, and/or the Office of the Dean of Students, particularly if you would like feedback regarding your interaction with the student(s) or on appropriate sanctions/your final decision. Sanctioning guidance is also available on this website.
  5. Notify the student(s) via email of your decision, the reasons why you have made this determination, and any sanctions if your decision is responsible for academic misconduct.
    1. Please include the following appeal information in your email: “You may appeal this decision within the next ten (10) university business days by contacting the Office of the Dean of Students or by filling out the appeal form, which can be found at “Dean of Students Forms.”
    2. Please also copy (Student Rights and Responsibilities) on your decision email.
  6. Complete the online Academic Dishonesty report form. The form will prompt you to list the academic misconduct charge(s) you are filing against the student(s) as well as the sanctions you are imposing. At the bottom of the form, there is a place to upload all of the documentation you collected in step 2.

After this point, the Office of the Dean of Students will process your report and send an official notification to the student(s) describing the sanctions imposed, student rights and responsibilities, and an invitation to meet to discuss the incident and strategies for acting with academic integrity. The Office of the Dean of Students will keep you updated about the status of any student appeals.

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