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NCFDD Faculty Success Program Grant

The Office of Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs (AL-FA) is pleased to offer up to $2500 per person to support eligible faculty members to participate in the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) Faculty Success Program (FSP). The highly acclaimed Faculty Success Program is an intensive, 12-week virtual boot camp offered through NCFDD that combines empirically tested methods, coaching, peer discussions, and accountability tools to help academics thrive in their careers and achieve healthy work-life balance. Sessions are offered in the Summer, Fall, and Spring. The spring session for 2023 runs from January 22nd – April 15th, 2023 and provides an opportunity for faculty to renew their energies, especially given the impact of the pandemic.

Boise State University is an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD). The Center provides all Boise State faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students free access to a number of the NCFDD’s programs and resources. Institutional Members are eligible for priority registration in the Faculty Success Program (FSP), whereby seats may be reserved and registered ahead of the public registration period. The Alumni Program is an additional key benefit. After completing one session of FSP, faculty can continue to enroll in the FSP Alumni Program free of charge for as long as their institution remains a member.

This grant will cover a little over half of the tuition for this 12-week program. Faculty will need to pay for the remaining tuition cost (approximately $2150 if one registers early) through additional sources such as matching funds from the faculty member’s home department, college, start-up funds, or other sources.

Boise State’s FSP Grants program is intended to enrich the personal and professional lives of faculty in the belief that living full and healthy lives beyond the Boise State campus enhances their ability to better serve students.

FAQs: Faculty Success Program

Grant Application Details

Why should I apply?


The Faculty Success Program is especially beneficial for any faculty going through a career transition, including new faculty, faculty going up for tenure and/or faculty who are learning to handle work-life integration. Some of the program’s aims include: to set achievable professional and personal goals and a realistic plan to meet them; to establish a consistent and sustainable daily writing routine; to develop a publication profile that exceeds the institution’s promotion criteria; to master best practices in academic time management; to collaborate effectively with colleagues and administrators; and to enjoy a full life beyond campus. More specific information about what the program includes can be found on the Faculty Success Program webpage

Selection Process

A faculty selection committee will be formed by the Assistant Provost for Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs. Up to four candidates will be selected from the applicant pool.

Tuition and Dates


Standard tuition is $5,050 per person. Early Bird tuition is $4,650 (see for dates). This grant program will cover up to $2500 of that tuition.

Session Dates

The NCFDD Faculty Success Program is offered three times per year (Summer, Fall, and Spring), 12 weeks per session. See the website for the most current schedule.

Faculty Members who wish to participate in NCFDD’s Faculty Success Program must register individually.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be received at least two weeks before the registration deadline. Priority will be given to those submitted two weeks before the early registration deadline.

Registration Dates Session Dates
For Spring 2023 Program: Early registration has not yet been set. January 22, 2023 – April 15, 2023

Eligibility for Grant Funding

The NCFDD Faculty Success Program grant is open to full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty. (The program itself is only open to tenured/tenure-track faculty).

The following factors will be considered in prioritizing grants to faculty:

  • Faculty at the Associate Professor level who are trying to reinvigorate their scholarship
  • Faculty at the Assistant Professor level who are trying to increase their scholarly output in order to enhance their tenure and promotion portfolio. Faculty may apply once per year, but may receive the grant only once.
  • Faculty who have a record of heavy service contributions at the university
  • Faculty who have received limited support (funding and course release) to pursue their scholarly or creative projects

Expectations and Requirements of Recipients of Program Funding Support

Following completion of the program

  • A final report must be submitted within 30 days of the program’s conclusion that briefly describes the faculty member’s participation in the program, the extent to which their goals were met, how it was useful to them, and what lessons or effective practices should be considered at Boise State 
  • Grant recipients must agree to share their learning from the program with other faculty and/or graduate students within a year of completing the program. Sample activities might include:
    • Facilitating a weekly or monthly writing group with graduate students or faculty in your department or college.
    • Hosting one of NCFDD’s virtual workshops for faculty and students in your department or college.
    • Via a brown-bag seminar or colloquium, presenting to students, staff, or faculty in your department or college, relevant lessons learned from your participation in the program (e.g., writing productivity).
    • Agreeing to lead a workshop or participate in a panel session for campus-wide seminars on related topics organized by campus units (e.g., Office of Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs, CTL workshops, Graduate College, etc.).
    • Developing and distributing a handout, poster, or other visual or audio-based materials to students, staff, or faculty in your department or college on relevant topics related to lessons learned from your participation in the program (e.g., work-life balance).
    • Sharing relevant planning and time-management techniques with graduate students to set them up for success (e.g. semester plans, teaching plans, and/or writing blocks).
    • Creating a podcast or writing a professional blog for your department’s or college’s communication outlets (e.g., social media accounts) on relevant topics related to lessons learned from your participation in the program (e.g., career planning).
    • Co-developing a program like the University of Delaware’s Faculty Accountability Program with the Assistant Provost for Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs (AL-FA)
    • Collaborating with the Office of AL-FA to develop and institute ongoing workshops for faculty at different career stages

Alumni of the program also may be asked to share their experience with their peers and/or serve on a future sponsorship selection committee.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit the following through this form by the appropriate deadline:

    • Narrative (not more than three double-spaced pages in 11-point font). The narrative should describe 
      • why the faculty member wants to participate in the program
      • how the program aligns with the applicants’ professional goals
      • how the applicant believes participation in the program will benefit the department/college/campus/community, and 
      • how they hope to apply their learning to the campus more broadly (e.g., mentoring other faculty, participating in workshops, etc.)
  • Current CV
  • Email address of your direct supervisor (often a department chair/head/director) for acknowledgement
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