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Resources for Academic Leaders

“Academic Leadership is the act of empowering members of the faculty and staff by working with them collegially to achieve common goals, build a community of scholars, and sustain a high level of morale.”


Gmelch & Buller, Building Academic Leadership Capacity: A Guide to Best Practices

About These Resources

Serving your colleagues as a leader can be a wonderfully fulfilling—and challenging—role, one where you can have a significant impact on the experiences of students, on the work of your colleagues, and on the campus community at large. There are not many jobs on campus that have as broad and deep an impact on faculty, staff, and students as those of a department chair/head, program director, dean, or associate dean.

Leading and managing a department, a program, a school, or a college requires knowledge and skills that many of us do not learn in graduate school. The resources on this page are designed to provide “just-in-time” information for managing the day-to-day operations of your unit as well as some strategies and resources for leading the faculty and staff you supervise:

  • Important Calendars and Due Dates
  • Boise State’s “Handbook for Department Leaders”
  • Resources for New Academic Leaders
  • Resources for Managing the Department/Program

As an academic leader, you are also part of the Academic Leadership Council (ALC) which meets monthly.

Resources and professional development for new academic leaders

New Academic Leaders

Handbook for Department Leaders

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