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FD Assessment


To better integrate University Learning Outcomes (ULO) assessment of Foundations of the Discipline (FD) courses with other departmental conversations and processes, we are syncing their ULO assessment timing and deadlines more closely with the Program Assessment Reporting (PAR) schedule. We hope this more holistic framework will create a more logical and meaningful experience for faculty and departments–who will be able to think about and report on all learning outcomes during the same period. See our FAQ about this change for more information.


 FD Faculty Survey, Course-Level Report, Peer Feedback

  1. FD Faculty Survey: Faculty who teach Foundations of the Discipline courses for programs participating in the 2020-2021 PAR cycle will be sent an online Qualtrics survey about their Fall 2020 FD course sections and their students’ achievement of the University Learning Outcomes.
    FD Faculty Survey – Guidelines (Read First)
    FD Faculty Survey – Example
    Qualtrics Surveys will be distributed to affected FD faculty by November 6. Due January 15.
  1. Course-Level Report: Departments participating in the 2020-2021 PAR cycle will receive FD faculty survey data, and they will be asked to complete a course-level Foundations of the Disciplines Report about each of the FD courses they offer.
    FDR – Report Template
    This report will submitted to the same Google Drive used for PAR report submissions on the same deadline. Due June 15.
  2. Peer Feedback: The disciplinary subcommittees of the General Education Committee will provide feedback to departments similar to PAR feedback. The following rubric outlines criteria the committee will use when evaluating the course-level FDR reports.
    FDR – Report Rubric