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Course Proposals

Are you creating or changing a Foundations course? Please read below to determine whether you should submit information to the General Education Committee (GEC) before beginning the usual University Curriculum Committee (UCC) review process.


Some changes to existing Foundations courses may be submitted directly to the UCC, without any additional submission to the General Education Committee. The UCC will consult General Education Committee representatives within their regular review process. Submit the following types of changes to the UCC only:

  • Subject prefix
  • Course description and/or title
  • Semester offered
  • Course deletion
  • Prerequisites or corequisites
  • Grading basis
  • Course credit


In the following circumstances, a GEC proposal should be submitted in addition to UCC forms.

  • Course Creation: All new Foundations of the Discipline and Finishing Foundations courses must be reviewed by the GEC.
  • Course Review: Upon request, all such courses must submit updated course design information to the GEC during periodic review.
  • Course Redesign: The following changes to existing courses must be reviewed by the GEC:
    • Substantial content changes that redefine the course’s main subject of inquiry
    • Significant changes to the time spent on or emphasis placed on University Learning Outcomes
    • The addition or deletion of course-defining high impact practices (such as service learning) that account for over 30% of course time
    • Changes to the basic teaching or staffing structure (for example, the addition or removal of associated lab sections)

General Education Committee Submission Steps

Follow the three-step process below when submitting Course Creation, Course Review or Course Redesign changes:

STEP 1: Review our guiding principles, as well as the guidelines and example proposal questions posted below.

Foundations of the DisciplineFinishing Foundations
FD Guidelines & Example Proposal QuestionnaireFF Guidelines & Example Proposal Questionnaire

STEP 2: Notify us. Prior to initiating a GEC proposal, let us know about your intention to submit one by contacting and the GEC member who represents your course category. They may have questions or guidance that will help you strengthen your proposal.

STEP 3: New or redesigned Foundations courses should also be submitted to department and college curriculum committees.

STEP 4: With permission from your college curriculum committee:

  • Log on to Boise State’s Kuali curriculum management system and create a new GEC proposal (“New GEC Foundations”). (Please be aware that this step is in addition to submitting the usual UCC form in Kuali. If you are proposing a new general education course, rather than revising one, you will need to begin–but not submit–an accompanying UCC form in Kuali prior to the system allowing you to create a new GEC proposal.)
  • Upload a completed course design table to your GEC proposal in Kuali: FD Course Design Table Template or Visit our FF Toolkit site for an FF Proposal Form by the appropriate deadline (below). Review of new or updated courses will be assigned to the appropriate GEC subcommittee.


GEC Fall Deadline: October 1 (or June 15 for certain FF courses**)
UCC Fall Deadline: November 1 (For Listing in Subsequent Fall Catalog)

GEC Spring Deadline: January 25 (or June 15 for certain FF courses**)
UCC Spring Deadline: February 15 (Unlisted in Subsequent Fall Catalog)

**The GEC deadline for Finishing Foundations is dependent on new or renewing status of the course. The deadlines for new Finishing Foundations courses are the October 1 and January 25 dates above. The deadline for already existing FF courses that are undergoing review during their PAR cycle is June 15.

If you have any questions about the process outlined above, please contact or call the University Foundations office at 208-426-4057.