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Virtual Academic Showcase

With more than 200 areas of study, Boise State University is a place to reimagine thinking and learning. We’re building on our culture of innovation each day and re-imagining higher education. Discover what students and faculty are doing in and beyond the classroom.




Upcoming Virtual Academic Showcase

Our annual Academic Showcase offers prospective students a virtual opportunity to learn more about their academic area of interest. Each session will also include a moderated Q&A from our Admissions Staff!

Date: Wednesday, November 29
Time: 7 p.m. MST
Location: Zoom / Virtual
Registration: Available below!

Choose ONE before joining the Academic Showcase

What will you study?

During the virtual showcase you will have the opportunity to select from one of our academic colleges to take an in-depth dive into majors, minors, internships and career outcomes. Each college offers degrees and facilitates research within a general set of disciplines such as health sciences, engineering, or education.

If you already have a major in mind, explore these colleges at Boise State to decide which one you will “visit” during the virtual showcase. If you are undecided about what you want to study, see which of our 200+ areas of study interest you and choose to meet with the college that seems like your best fit.

Curious about majors in different academic colleges? Invite a friend! While each participant can register for one academic showcase, you’ll be able to compare notes and ask questions for each other.

Past Virtual Academic Showcase Recordings

Did you miss last year’s virtual academic showcases? You can view the recordings of each showcase to learn more about Boise State’s colleges.

Watch Past Academic Showcase Recordings


If you have questions, please contact Boise State Admissions at