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Admission Decisions

Boise State students walk through a residence hall on campus during Bronco Day

Boise State University has a large number of extremely qualified candidates for admission. Due to the outstanding quality of our applicant pool, we must limit our admission offers to students. This limit ensures that the university can best serve the students we admit, and that admitted students are able to register for courses in their first-year that will put them on the path to academic success.

Your application has gone through an extensive review and our admission decision is based on your academic coursework to date. If you are unclear regarding our admission standards, you can review them in depth on Boise State’s Apply page.

If you have work in progress and your grades improve you can send us an official transcript upon completion of your work and we will determine if your eligibility has changed. If we receive updated academic information prior to the semester you originally applied for we will automatically re-evaluate our admission decision. We will notify you by mail if there is a change in your admission status.

Options for Attending

We realize being denied admission is a difficult decision to receive. Although you are not currently able to enroll as a degree-seeking student, you have two options to attend Boise State in the future. Please review the following options in the Becoming a Bronco in the Future section for more details.

Option 1: Attend Boise State as a part-time, nondegree student

In this status, you can:

  • Enroll in any number of classes combined to total the maximum of seven credits, OR
  • Take a maximum of two classes, even if they exceed seven credits.

Nondegree students can apply for degree-seeking status once they meet Boise State’s regular admission requirements -OR- once they have completed 14 Boise State credits after high school with a GPA of 2.25 or higher. The credits you have earned will apply toward your degree. As a nondegree student, you are not eligible for federal financial aid; however, Boise State offers a payment plan that allows you to pay fees in three monthly installments.

If you want to be admitted as a nondegree student, then please complete this form and we will process your admissions as nondegree. This will require logging into myBoiseState. Follow this link for instructions on setting up your myBoiseState account. As a nondegree student you will be eligible to enroll in courses approximately two weeks before classes begin for the semester.

Should you decide to attend with nondegree status, it is strongly recommended that you enroll in courses designed to increase your chances of success.  To receive assistance with course selection from an academic advisor, we encourage you to contact Advising and Academic Enhancement at (208) 426-4049.

Option 2: Re-apply to Boise State at a later date as a transfer student

Once you have successfully completed a minimum of 14 college-level academic semester credits at a regionally accredited school (such as a community college) you can apply for admission as a transfer student. You must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.25. This cumulative GPA will include any Boise State University credits you earn. Once you have completed these credits, you can re-apply and our admission decision will be based on your comprehensive college course work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I appeal my decision?

If you have been denied admission you have the option to appeal. Successful appeals should document extenuating circumstances beyond your control which had a significant impact on your academic record.

How can I petition my admission decision?

Appeals are reviewed by a Special Admissions Committee comprised of campus faculty and professionals within the field of advising and academic support. The committee reviews each comprehensive petition packet to determine if extenuating circumstances prevented you from meeting admission standards. They want to see that obstacles have been removed and that you will now have the ability to succeed at Boise State. Committee members are aware of the rigors of university studies, and they strive to approve petitions for only those students who demonstrate that they will be successful in the academic environment. Not all petitions are approved, and submitting a completed petition packet does not guarantee approval.

To petition your admission decision, submit the Petition Form linked in this section with required supporting documents. In the 3 questions on the form, please include your personal statement of circumstances and address your potential for success at Boise State. You are also required to submit a minimum of 2 academic letters of reference. Petitions will not be processed or reviewed unless the packet includes all supporting documents and is received in the Admissions Office by the deadline date noted on the form.

If a disability, medical illness, or specific catastrophic event(s) are referenced in the petition then you must provide supporting documentation

Petition Your Admission

What if my grades and/or test scores improve?

If you have work in progress and your grades improve you can send us an official transcript upon completion of your work and we will determine if your eligibility has changed. In addition, you can re-take any applicable tests (such as the ACT or SAT) to improve your scores. If we receive updated academic information prior to the deadline of the semester you originally applied for, we will automatically re-evaluate our admission decision. We will notify you if there is a change in your admission status.

I am a returning Boise State student. Why was I denied?

If you attended Boise State University in the past and then attended another college or university after Boise State University, you are required to meet our transfer admission standards. The cumulative GPA for transfer admission standards includes only completed course work from regionally accredited schools attended after Boise State.

Can I attend Boise State University as a part-time student?

You can attend as a part-time, nondegree student. Please see detailed information regarding nondegree status in the “Becoming a Bronco in the Future” section on this page, as well as the form you will need to complete to become nondegree.

I completed high school several years ago. Why is my admission decision based on my high school record?

Academic admission decisions must be based on academic records. If you are over 21 years of age and do not have more than 14 transferable academic semester (21 quarter) GPA credits after high school, then we refer to your high school record.

I passed the GED. Why am I not admissible?

Passing the GED does not necessarily mean you are ready for university level work. To ensure your success at Boise State University, we require GED scores to be above average. We will also require additional materials such as a personal statement and letters of recommendation to determine your readiness for university level work.

What is an extenuating circumstance for a petition?

Extenuating circumstances include any life-altering event or condition that was beyond your control which had a direct impact on your academic record. Examples may include: serious illness or medical condition, natural disaster, catastrophic event, loss of immediate family member, change in family circumstances, or military deployment.

What is considered supporting documentation for a petition?

Supporting documentation should reinforce any and all extenuating circumstances that you note within the petition documents. For example, if you cite a medical condition which impacted your junior year grades, you should provide documentation from a medical source that confirms the time period of the condition and its impact on you.