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Ask Me Anything! with Mady

Business major and class of 2023 graduate Mady Fairchild recently walked across the famous blue turf to receive her diploma and celebrate her achievements at Boise State with her friends and family. As this transformative era in her life filled with memories and friendships comes to a close, Mady joins us on an episode of Ask Me Anything to answer Future Broncos’ most asked questions.

Video Transcript – Ask Me Anything! | Mady

Living on CampusLong exposure shot of students moving into Keiser Hall

Along with 65% of the freshmen at Boise State, Fairchild chose to live in an on campus residence hall. Having never met her roommate in person before move-in day, she learned a lot about living with someone else in the first couple of months.

“It helps to have some things in common,” says Mady. “But when you move in with people in college, you bring to the table the things that you’ve been raised with and all the new things that sometimes even you’re still learning about yourself: how to cook, how to manage your schedule, how you like to study, who you like to hang out with.”

Mady notes that while the change can be an adjustment for all parties involved, “you just have to find that communication and balance.” When living with a roommate for the first time, an experience that many Broncos go through in their freshman year, communication is key. Everything from quiet hours to taking out the trash, being on the same page is a big step in living peacefully in a college dorm.

Living on campus is a classic part of the college experience. For many students it can be an exciting or even a daunting time. At Boise State, you get the full scope of campus life from classrooms and dining to friends and work– all just steps from where you live.

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On Campus JobsBoise State Student inside of a workshop

With an abundance of resources on campus, there are countless job opportunities for current Broncos to make some cash. Work amongst other students at the Rec center, which is 90% employed by students, or become a tour guide like Mady and help future Broncos find their home here at Boise State. There are jobs on campus for everyone.

A student employee herself, Fairchild says “they’re a great way to meet new people, be involved on campus, all while making some money.” The Boise State Career Center is a great place to get started. With a great staff dedicated to our Broncos, they are here to help students find jobs, build a resume, and perform well in an interview.

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Tips for Incoming Students

Deciding on the right school can be a stressful experience for many students. When asked about why she chose Boise State, Mady says, “I really really appreciate the amount of things that there are to do off of campus.”

For Mady, the ease of access to Greenbelt and outdoors was essential to helping her find a wellness routine that worked for her. Having new freedoms and responsibilities for the first time meant some adjusting, but she recommends “giving yourself a little grace” and finding quiet moments to get away from the hustle and bustle of college life.

Students taking a picture on the Blue Turf

Boise State has the perfect balance of college town and city life, not to mention all of the nature that Idaho has to offer. If you like football games, exploring downtown, or hiking and the outdoors, Boise has it all!

Whether living and working on or off campus, there are so many ways to embrace the community in Boise and at Boise State.

Student Life Essentials

The possibilities on campus are endless, whether you want to get involved in dorm life, work, or join clubs. Fairchild reminisces on the sense of community she found at Boise State.

“I’m looking back on my four years and loving every bit of it.”

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