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What’s on your Boise State Bucket List?

A Year In Boise

Nestled in the Treasure Valley, Idaho’s capital city of Boise offers the perfect balance of urban living and outdoor adventure. With four distinct seasons to enjoy and the unique vibrancy of one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, there are endless entertainment, sightseeing and outdoor recreation opportunities for current Broncos–no matter your interests! See what a year in Boise looks like and check out our Boise State Bucket list series for a deep dive on all of our favorite seasonal activities!

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Fall in Boise is a fan favorite, with the leaves changing color and the hot summer weather cooling down. With the fall semester at Boise State kicking off, opportunities to join on campus clubs and organizations are everywhere.

Fall also marks the start of football season for the Broncos. The tailgating scene adds to the excitement, with fans coming together to enjoy delicious food, engage in friendly competition, and share in the anticipation of the game. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, love watching the marching band or cheer squad, or just seeking an unforgettable community experience, attending a Boise State football game during the fall season is a must-do activity that captures the essence of Boise’s vibrant spirit and love for the sport. Added bonus: Boise State students get in free to all athletic events!

Average Temperature: 74°/41°

Some of our favorite annual, on-campus events during this time of year include:

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Winters in Boise are blanketed in just the right amount of snow. One of the cherished traditions during the winter season is the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Boise State University. This annual event marks the beginning of the holiday season and brings the campus community together in a festive celebration. Winter sports are also a highlight during this season, with the Boise State Broncos basketball teams taking to the court. Students and fans cheer on their favorite players, filling the arenas with excitement and school spirit. Plus! With outdoor programming, guided trips and equipment rentals through Campus Recreation, cold weather can’t keep Broncos cooped up inside!

Overall, winter at Boise State University is a time of celebration, community, and embracing the beauty of the season. Students have the opportunity to create cherished memories, connect with others, and experience the joy of the winter season on campus.

Average Temperature: 49°/21°

Some of our favorite annual, on-campus events during this time of year include:

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As winter bids farewell, get ready to witness Boise’s cultural scene burst into full bloom! This vibrant city becomes a hub of festivals, art exhibits, and live performances that will leave you spoilt for choice. From the renowned Treefort Music Fest to bustling public markets, the local arts and entertainment scene is buzzing with excitement. And hey, don’t forget about the incredible outdoor opportunities! Picture yourself biking along the Boise River, enjoying a relaxing picnic, or trying your hand at fishing. As the foothills come alive with colorful wildflowers, one of our absolute favorite sights on campus are the vibrant cherry blossoms. Get ready to immerse yourself in Boise’s springtime charm and create unforgettable memories!

Average Temperature:  74°/47°

Some of our favorite annual, on-campus events during this time of year include:

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Summer in Boise is a delightful time when the city comes alive with vibrant energy and a plethora of outdoor activities for students taking classes over the summer. With its scenic surroundings and warm weather, Boise offers an ideal setting for summer adventures.

Trying to get ahead? Boise State offers a wide range of summer courses for students to reach their educational goals quicker.

As the summer in Boise comes to a close, the anticipation builds for the beginning of the fall semester at Boise State. The air is filled with a sense of excitement and possibility as the campus buzzes with activity.

Average Temperature: 92°/57°

Some of our favorite annual, on-campus events during this time of year include:

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Behind the Bucket List

Boise State Bucket List was written, filmed, and edited in part by current integrated media and strategic communications student, Ella Smith. To learn more about how, in developing this new digital video series, Ella was able to learn and apply new skills relevant to her professional development, check out the article here!

Discover how Ella found her spark in film studies!