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Video Transcript – B on the Blue

Video Transcript

[Upbeat Music]

[Video Description – Student activities featured in the video]: Students walk beneath a blue and orange arch outside Albertsons Stadium. Others wave at them, and the jumbotron displays a “Welcome to the Blue” message.

[Video Description]: On the Blue, they wave and smile at the camera. Signage says “Welcome to Boise State University.” Within the vibrant atmosphere, participants high five Buster Bronco, pet a golden retriever, pose for the photos.

[Video Description]: Cheerleaders and the marching band enthusiastically welcome the new Broncos.

[Video Description]: A time-lapse recording shows everyone filling in the outline of the giant “B” stenciled on the field. They all chant “Go Broncos!” before leaving the stadium.

[Video Description]: Cut to the Boise State University logo.