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Video Transcript – Becoming A Bronco – Scholarships and Financial Aid

Video Transcript


[Austin Moore, Admissions Counselor]: Paying for college is understandably one of the biggest concerns for new students. At Boise State, we ensure you have access to all the tools available to get as much financial aid and scholarship aid as possible. [Graphic: 3 types of financial aid – Automatic Scholarships, Federal Aid, Other Scholarship Opportunities] In this video, we’ll break down the different types of aid you can receive and a general timeline for when to apply.

[Austin Moore]: First up is our automatic scholarships.

[Graphic: Automatic Scholarships – Submit your Boise State Admissions Materials ( Application and Transcript ), GPA Requirement: 3.2 and above, No additional materials are needed, You’ll be notified upon admittance]

These are our favorite kinds because all you need to do is submit your application materials to Boise State. Whether you’re a resident, a nonresident, first year, or transfer student, you may be eligible to receive an automatic scholarship just based on your GPA. Check out our website for all the award amounts, GPA requirements and deadlines.

[Austin Moore]: Next up is federal aid.

[Graphic: Financial Aid – Typically need-based loans, Must fill out FAFSA at, Opens on October 1st]
NOTE: FAFSA announced it will not open on October 1 in 2023

In order to be considered for our need based aid, you must submit the free application for Federal Student Aid, better known as the FAFSA and the list of schools that you want to receive it. FAFSA opens October 1st (NOTE: FAFSA announced it will not open on October 1 in 2023), so make sure to apply early. FAFSA automatically determines these awards based on you or your family’s economic background. Most people qualify for some need based aid, so don’t hesitate to apply.

[Austin Moore]: Aside from our automatic and need based awards, we also offer our Boise State General Scholarship Application for all incoming students.

[Graphic: Boise State Scholarships – Based on student type, GPA, and Major, Requires a separate application that opens around Thanksgiving, Most have application deadlines of February 15th, Must have a Boise State username and passphrase set up]

The Boise State General Scholarship Application opens around mid-November, and these awards are typically based on student type or academic interest. We encourage you to complete your general application by February 15th. After you apply, you will receive an email confirmation to your Boise State email. So keep an eye out as you may receive more additional information about other opportunities. [Graphic: Quick Tip – Check with your high school counselor regarding local scholarship opportunities] Be sure to check deadlines for specific scholarships as timing may vary.

[Austin Moore]: And now that you have an idea of the scholarships and financial aid that are available, we highly recommend you check out our cost of attendance calculator linked in the description.

[Video Graphic: Brief example of someone using the Cost of Attendance Calculator]

It’s a great tool that helps you plan and budget for your college costs. Keep in mind that scholarships aren’t the only way to fund your tuition.

[Austin Moore]: There’s a ton of part time jobs on campus that are flexible for students and can work with your schedule. We also have programs such as Work U and Bronco Corps, which pay students to work in a professional internship that helps prepare them to work in their chosen career field. That’s right. Paid training doesn’t get much better than that. At Boise State, we never want finances to be a barrier. So if you have any questions about how to fund your tuition costs, don’t hesitate to reach out. Your degree is a personal investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life. We’d love to find the right financial aid options to help you fund your education. If you have any questions we didn’t answer in this video, be sure to contact us or drop them in the comments. And as always, go Broncos!