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Video Transcript – Beyond Accepted

Video Transcript



[Ceci]: Hey, future Broncos! Welcome to Boise State University, the place where your adventure begins.

[Sara]: We’re your hosts for today, and we have some exciting news! But first, let’s introduce ourselves. I’m Sara.

[Ceci]: And I’m Ceci. We remember opening our acceptance letters, and getting that “I can’t wait to go to Boise State” moment!

[Sara]: But let us tell you, that moment is just the first in an incredible journey. Let’s go!

[Ceci]: At Boise State, we’re not just a university. We’re a community that celebrates you! You’re not just a number, you’re a Bronco!

[Sara]: And we support, celebrate, and invest in you. Because it’s not just about getting into college, It’s what you get out of it!

[Ceci]: We’ve got more program choices, more time with professors and more guidance, and more opportunities to get involved. With 260 plus clubs and organizations, there’s something for everybody!

[Sara]: Whether you’re into sports, cultural events, or leadership opportunities. Boise State has something for everyone. Because you’re not just joining a university, you’re joining Bronco Nation!

[Ceci]: Let’s talk about academics. With the student faculty ratio of 18 to 1, professors here know you and they’re personally invested in your success! You won’t get lost in the crowd here.

[Sara]: And hey, if you ever need extra help, we have learning assistants, academic coaches, and a ton of resources to make sure you succeed.

[Ceci]: We care about your future employability, too. From day one until graduation and beyond. We’re here to help you explore career options, polish your resumé, make plans, gain experiences, and build that network.

[Sara]: Boise State isn’t just about the now. It’s about preparing you for an amazing future.

[Ceci]: But that’s not all, parents and families we’ve got something for you, too! Join the parent and family Association for exclusive events, newsletters and a chance to connect with other families. It’s all about being a part of our Bronco family, a supportive community that’s always there for you.

[Ceci]: So what are you waiting for? Join us at Boise State! Submit your intent to enroll, follow us on social media, and let’s make amazing memories together!

[Sara]: Your journey begins here.

[Ceci and Sara]: Go, Broncos!

[Graphic:  LET’S MAKE IT OFFICIAL Submit your intent to Enroll (ITE) at]