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Video Transcript – Boise State Bucket List | Ep.2 | Summer ’22 – Ballin’ on a Budget

Video Transcript


[Graphic: Boise State Bucket List – Summer ’22 | Ballin’ on a budget]

[Mady, Senior, Business Administration]: From the blue turf, to the vibrant streets of downtown, to the beautiful Idaho outdoors, Boise in the summer is filled with a spirit of adventure. And nobody knows how to live it up in the city of trees just like our Boise State Broncos do. Today, we’re highlighting three more of our favorite summer activities for you to check off of your Boise State bucket list.

[Mady]: My name is Mady and i’m a senior majoring in business administration. Today, we’re back with three more of our favorite activities in sightseeing, entertainment, and outdoor recreation that you can add to your bucket list. They all require a little bit of pocket change, but they’re well worth it. If you haven’t already, check out our last video on free things to do in Boise during the summer and we’ll also be sharing video from students like you on things to do in the summer through your own eyes.

[Graphic: Zoo Boise – 1/2 mi – 5 min by car – 10 min walking]

[Mady]: I just crossed over friendship fridge and within 60 seconds i’m at Zoo Boise. On a good day like today, you can see the giraffe’s head poking out through the trees. It’s a great excuse to just walk right over to the zoo and enjoy an afternoon with your friends and to enjoy the company of some exotic animals as well.


[Graphic: Price: $8]

[Mady]: Pro tip, on Thursdays its only eight bucks. If you ever come visit make sure you go see the red panda besties Ginger and Natasha.

[Mady]: With all of Idaho’s natural beauty to take in, can you imagine a more picturesque backdrop to your Boise state experience? There’s so much to do it can be hard to know where to start.

[Jessie, Student, Environmental Studies Major]: There’s so many different spots to like jump in the water in the river and go for a quick swim. And the green belt goes all along through different parts in Boise.

[Mady]: The Boise river which runs right through campus is the perfect place for a shaded beachside picnic or a quick plunge that will relieve you from the high temperatures. But, the nearby Payette river is the perfect place for thrill seekers with a little dose of adrenaline with white water rafting.

[Graphic: Payette River – 44 mi – 1 hour by car]

[Mady]: The outdoor program with Boise State’s Rec Center organizes student trips on the Payette and other locations in Idaho so you can meet new friends while you get your nature fix.

[Graphic: Price: $40 – Prices may vary.]

[Mady]: No experience or equipment is needed the Rec Center has it all.

[Graphic: Instagram – @boisestaterec]

[Mady]: Our outdoor program can accommodate all levels of ability while you enjoy the beautiful scenery Idaho has to offer. Boise is a hot spot for up-and-coming musicians with our vibrant art scene. There’s tons of ways to discover incredible music throughout the year, my favorite is by going to the Great Garden Escape at the Idaho Botanical Garden. Here you can enjoy incredible views of the foothills, while enjoying both national and local bands.

[Graphic: Idaho Botanical Garden – 3 mi – 9 min by car – 12 min by bike]

[Mady]: Bring a chair, blanket, and a cooler or purchase food and drink on site for a perfect picnic. There’s no better way to take in the oasis of the meditation garden while with hundreds of other music lovers.

[Musician]: I knew y’all would come out, Boise always comes out. Seriously.

[Mady]: There are a million ways to enjoy summertime in Boise and us broncos know how to enjoy every bit of sunshine and time with good friends, but don’t take my word for it let’s take another glimpse of what Boise State students have to say about what summer time is really like in Boise.

[Lauren, Alumni, Criminal Justice]: Drink a lot of water because it gets hotter than you think here. But everything is super beautiful the trees are super beautiful during the summer so it’s worth it.


[Ryan, Student, Economics Major]: For chilling out I would go to the river, kind of set up a chair, hang out with some friends, and just like listen to music and kind of just vibe on the river.


[Graphic: Hashtag – #BoiseStateBucketList]

[Mady]: So what’s on your Boise state bucket list? You can share your adventures with us by using #BoiseStateBucketList, you can go to the description and follow our directions on how to submit your own video, or you can just comment below and let us know what you’re up to this summer. Until next time, stay cool out there and as always go broncos!