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Video Transcript – Boise State Bucket List Ep.3 | Fall ’22


Video Transcript

[Thomas Chynoweth, history major, senior]: Ah the changing seasons!

[Gator, communications major, senior]: From sweater weather, the changing color over the leaves and pumpkins spice everything, fall is definitely rolling on to campus, and I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited.

[Thomas]: Same, not going to lie. Fall’s my favorite time here at Boise State University. When you’re getting back into the rhythm of school, there’s so many ways to get plugged back into your local community, through entertainment, sightseeing and the great outdoors. Hello. Hello. My name is Thomas Chynoweth.

[Gator]: And I’m Gator.

[Thomas]: And we’re back with more things to add to your Boise State fall bucket list.


[Thomas]: So there’s so much going on here. Where do we even begin?

[Gator]: Well, I took the liberty of polling some Boise State students to find all about their favorite fall spots.

[Thomas]: Look at you go!

[Gator]: I know. Plus, the input really great. Of course, coming in at number one for sightseeing was finding your favorite spot here in the city of trees. Right here on campus is a great place to start. Whether it’s the quad or greenbelt, you can take a little stroll, have a picnic, or just take that favorite photo.

[Thomas]: Which is your favorite spot?

[Gator]: Hmm. That’s hard to say. I do love all the parks here, but my all-time favorite spot is definitely the train depot. [Graphic: Boise Train Depot, 1 mile, 6 minutes by bike, 4 minutes by car]. Located on the bench just minutes away from campus. You’ll find the beautiful Spanish style historic train station, which has a great lawn to sit on overlooking the skyline.

[Thomas]: Another great place is Harrison Boulevard. [Graphic: Harrison Boulevard, 3 miles, 16 minutes by bike, 10 minutes by car]. It’s one long street filled with beautiful homes and covered in a tunnel of trees. And if you’re into spooky season, this trip is super festive and has some crazy decorations. So it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out.

[Gator]: I love a good scare, but we can’t talk about the start of the fall semester in Boise without mentioning the Spirit of Boise’s balloon classic. [Graphic: Ann Morrison Park, 1.1 miles, 5 minutes by bike, 7 minutes by car]. It’s a hot air balloon festival at Ann Morrison Park that’s been a tradition in the Valley for over 30 years. Let’s just say it was breathtaking! For entertainment. One of the best things you can do in the fall semester is get your Boise State pride on by attending a football game.

[Thomas]: Absolutely. My favorite part about the fall is definitely the football game. [Graphic: Albertsons Stadium, 0.7 miles, 4 minutes by bike, 3 minutes by car]. Before I came here, I had no idea how much the city came out to support the football team. On the blue. As a part of the marching band, I have so much fun supporting our teammates all day long, playing all the songs, and playing at halftime. It’s amazing to see our cheer squad as well as much as our most valuable player, the Blitz dog, our tee dog that comes and gets the tee from the football team.

[Gator]: For home games, our Broncos play right here at Albertsons Stadium. If you’re a student, make sure to get here early as those seats sure do fill up. For games, expect Bronco colors, tailgates and maybe even Buster Bronco himself.

[Thomas]: And the best part is, as a full time student, you get your tickets completely for free. Okay. Now that we’ve covered sightseeing and entertainment, what do you recommend doing when you get an itch for adventure?

[Gator]: Well, Idaho around this time of year has great weather for a ton of outdoor activities. So if you’re not planning a hike with your friends before the foothills get snow capped for the ski season, then some other things you can do include going to pumpkin patches, local orchards, and local farms.

[Thomas]: Gator, isn’t there one with a blow up drag and you can walk through? Yes, there is. It’s called Lowe Family Farmstead. [Graphic: Lowe Family Farmstead, 20 miles, 30 minutes by car]. My sorority and I go every year. It’s located in Kuna and features an amazing pumpkin patch perfect for those fall season selfies. There’s also an abundance of different activities you can do, such as festive games, hay rides and an 18 acre corn maze. You can even reserve a campfire session for you and your friends to hang out, makes s’mores and enjoy the scenery.

[Thomas]: Sounds like a great time. So as you can tell, there are a million ways to enjoy your fall this year and us Broncos really know how to take advantage of it. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some examples of what other students have enjoyed this fall.

[Music plays with video clips of BSU students enjoying fall activities around Boise]

[Gator]: So thank you guys so much for joining us today. Make sure to use the hashtag Boise State bucket list to stay up to date and share all your fall adventures. Our blog also has some more additional seasonal activities, such as haunted houses.

[Thomas]: And as always,

[Thomas and Gator]: Go Broncos!