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Video Transcript – Boise State Bucket List | Spring Edition

Video Transcript


[Olivia, Health Studies Major, Junior]: Okay, I got it.

[Lauren, Public Health Major]: While spring arrived a little late this year, the flowers on campus are finally beginning to bloom, and the weather is warming up.

[Olivia]: Definitely! With summer near, there are so many activities going on.

[Lauren]: The springtime here in Boise is full of beautiful weather for outdoor activities and lively events in the city. From Treefort Music Fest to exploring the local Basque district, Boise has tons of things to keep you active and entertained.

[Lauren]: Hi, my name is Lauren,

[Olivia]: and I’m Olivia,

[Lauren]: and we’re here to add more must do activities to your Boise State bucket list.

[Graphic: Boise State Bucket List Intro Graphic, sweeping shots of scenic locations throughout Boise with the words “Sightseeing, Outdoor Rec, Entertainment” highlighted above the ground. “Boise State Bucket List: Spring Edition” title above the school]

[Lauren]: So, Olivia, what do you like to do in spring?

[Olivia]: Great question. One of my favorite annual traditions is Treefort Music Fest right in downtown Boise. If you’re looking for some spring vacation plans, you never have to look too far.

[Graphic: Treefort Music Festival, 0.5 mi, 8 min walk]

[Lauren]: In true Boise spirit, the whole community shows up to celebrate both our vibrant local art scene and to welcome over 500 bands and all kinds of other artists from stand up comedy and dance to film and drag from all over the globe. [Graphic: Did you know? The first Treefort Festival took place in 2012 featuring over 130 bands!] We’ve had some big names perform at Tree for like Lizzo, Baby Jake, Japanese Breakfast, Princess Nokia, and Surf Curse to name a few.

[Olivia]: And this sprawling fest touches every corner of downtown in nearly 100 venues. For the first time this year, the main stage was hosted at Julia Davis Park, which is basically Boise State’s backyard. Not to mention Treefort is also a great way to meet new friends and get involved in the community.

[Lauren]: Even if you can’t attend the entire festival, no worries. You can always just buy a one day pass or a specific fort pass. [Graphic: Quick Tip, Buy your tickets early for extra savings!] That way you can still enjoy the good vibes of the event
without committing to the whole week.

[Olivia]: If you’re looking for sightseeing, some people are surprised to find out that Boise is home to one of the largest Basque communities in the United States.

[Lauren]: Boise has a vibrant bass district in the heart of downtown, where you can enjoy cultural celebrations, exceptional food, and some great nightlife.

[Graphic: Basque District, 1 mi, 7 min by car, 7 min by bike]

[Olivia]: If you’re unfamiliar, Basque Country is a unique and autonomous region in northern Spain. [Graphic: Basque Country on a world map] And fun fact, many Basque people immigrated to this region of Idaho in the 1800’s. There’s no better place to learn more about this rich heritage than at the Basque Museum and Cultural Center.

[Lauren]: The Basque District, also called the Basque Block, is located between Capitol Boulevard and Sixth Street on Grove. If you’re looking to soak up the local food culture, visit the Basque market, where you can catch them making fresh paella dinners on the street during first Thursdays or get a plate of croquettes– a Boise pub food favorite.

[Graphic: Croquette [kroh-ket] A deep-fried breaded roll or ball stuffed with meat, cheese or veggies.]

[Lauren]: If you’re looking to get involved in the community and explore some local culture, the Basque Block is the place for you! If you’re eager to get out and enjoy the sun, Idaho is definitely not lacking in outdoor recreation. In addition to great hiking and biking, Idaho is famous for some really great fishing.

[Olivia]: One of the coolest things about the city is that we have the Boise River that runs right through campus and downtown. This makes for a convenient fishing spot close by.

[Graphic: Boise River, 0.5 mi, 3 min by bike, 8 min walk]

[Lauren]: Some of the most popular local places include Ann Morrison Park, Warm Springs, and Lucky Peak Reservoir. In fact, Idaho Fish and Game even stocks the Boise River with huge rainbow trout right near the Broadway Bridge off campus.

[Graphic: Did you know? Every second Saturday in June is free fishing day! No license is needed.]

[Olivia]: Wow, that’s pretty convenient, especially if you’re a part of the Boise State Fishing Club or the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Club, just don’t forget to get your license first!

[Olivia]: There are a million more ways to enjoy springtime in Boise and us Broncos know how to make the most of it.

[Lauren]: But don’t take our word for it, let’s take a look at some of our current students highlights!

[Graphic: Video montage of students enjoying live music and good scenery]

[Olivia]: So what’s on your Boise State Bucket List? Share your adventures with us using the hashtag #BoiseStateBucketList.

[Graphic: Instagram hashtag: #boisestatebucketlist]

[Lauren]: Make sure to check out our blog for more seasonal favorites and let us know what you’re up to this spring down in the comments below.

[Olivia]: And as always,

[Both]: go Broncos!