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Video Transcript – Boise State Residence Halls – Suites and Squares

Video Transcript

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[Graphic: University Suites & Square]

[Hailey, Sophomore, Elementary Education]: Hi! I’m Hailey, and I’m a sophomore transfer student currently  studying elementary education. Today, I’m going to give you an inside look at the rooms, buildings, amenities and community of the residence hall I currently call home, University Suites and square. Come with me!

[Video Description]: Hailey walking to the University Suites and Square buildings. Where we get a look at some of the halls, along with a parking lot and a vast outdoor space with lots of grass, greenery, and a walking path.

[Hailey]: University Suites is home to approximately three hundred first year and sophomore students. University Square is home to approximately 225 first year students. To live in these residences, you have to be a full time student registered for 12 or more credits. University Suites is made up of Clearwater, Payette, and Selway suites. University Square is made up of four buildings Jade, Jasper, Garnet and Topaz halls. The residence halls are set up in an  apartment style with shared spaces and amenities. You share your own kitchen and laundry room in your unit with roommates. Where there’s also a community center with pool tables, and a lounge. Living here is a great opportunity to transition into living on your own through apartment style living. These residence halls are located across the street from Brady Garage and the College of Business and Economics. It is also close to Julia Davis Park, downtown Boise, the Boise Art Museum and Capitol Boulevard. In University Suites, you’ll live in a single room, but with a suite of four single rooms. You share two bathrooms, a full kitchen, in-unit laundry, and living room in your suite. If you live in University Square, the living spaces will be very similar, but you’ll have either a shared room or a single bedroom within your suite. Our laundry facilities are located in our suite. Which is great because you don’t have to lug your laundry far and there’s never a long wait. We also have our own kitchen in-unit, which is great for making meals,
or even late night snacks. What’s interesting about this building is there are 16 to 32 residents per floor. Which means you generally know all your neighbors! It houses a diverse community, including freshmen, upperclassmen, and international students. What’s also great about university suites is that there is more room for privacy and socializing. In this residence hall, there are living rooms in each suite, but there’s also a larger community center with pool tables, and a lounge where you can spend time socializing and connecting with the broader community. I hope you enjoyed your tour today! Just to recap, here are some takeaways for you to remember. University Suites and Square are great places to live to get ready for apartment life. You have a great mix of shared and private space with access to your own kitchen and laundry room, shared with only a few roommates. Overall, it’s a great setup for getting ready to live independently after college. If you’re interested in living here, look online for more information.

[Graphic: LEARN MORE ROOM TOURS  Check out our Bronco Cribs video series to get to know room types better and visit our housing website for more details. WHAT TO BRING – Prepare to move in by reviewing our packing list and prohibited items.]

[Hailey]: Make sure that you keep in mind major deadlines and start planning now to make yourself feel at home at Boise State. Hope to see you here soon! Go, Broncos!