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Video Transcript – Bronco Day 2022 Highlights | Boise State University

Video Transcript


[Video]: Montage of students participating in various school and Boise related activities

[Video Description – Student activities in order of appearance]: An audience takes their seats. Excited prospective students file into the arena, and Dr. Marlene Tromp is shown addressing the crowd. A student in a Boise State outfit applauds.

[Video Description]: Visitors walk across a grassy field on campus, then enter a room with a sign for “Becoming a Bronco”. Students receiving Bronco gear while others visit the the Bronco Shop.

[Video Description]: Students at Bronco Day happily take pictures at a photo opportunity with a dog and Boise State props. Students cheering at a Bronco Day session

[Video Description]: Students play in giant inflated orbs and dancing while participating in the “Opportunities Fair” activities on campus. Other students can be seen duel with lightsabers, petting a dog, rappelling down the side of the Student Union Building.

[Video Description]: Students walk around inside of the “Opportunities Fair” looking at clubs like the running club, skateboarding club. We can also see a booth for the college of Arts and Sciences.

[Video Description]: Students experiencing the maker lab and watch a 3D printing demo. Students using VR and gaming in the College of Innovation and design. Campus librarians wave to the camera.

[Video Description]: Students taking photos next to the big B on campus.

[Video Description]: Broncos playing a football game in the stadium shown through the jumbotron. An audience filling up the stadium during a Boise State football game. People wave and take pictures of the field.

[Video Description]: People waving to the camera before a cut to the Boise State University logo.