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Video Transcript – Bronco Day 2023

Video Transcript

[Upbeat Music]

[Video Description] Aerial view of Boise State’s campus with the title “Bronco Day.” Students enter the auditorium at the Morrison Center for Performing Arts, and Dr. Jeremiah Shin speaks on stage.

[Dr. Jeremiah Shin, VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management]: Welcome to Boise State University. We are thrilled that you’re here this morning, and I’m so grateful to be here with you today on this Bronco Day. (applause)

[Video Description]: Students pose for a photo in Boise State’s helmet cart, someone waves a wand to make large bubbles at the activities fair, representatives from Boise State’s colleges share insights with curious students, and an Admissions Counselor presents to a large audience.

[Video Description]: A sign says “Welcome to the Annular Solar Eclipse Viewing Area.” Visitors watch the eclipse through protective glasses, and a modified telescope.

[Video Description]: A child plays with an immersive interactive exhibit at the Luminary, and other children explore arts and crafts in a studio. A 3D printer builds a sample, and a visitor uses virtual reality equipment. Other visitors pose for photos with the B statue.

[Student Tour Guides]: Go Broncos!

[Video Description] People lift giant letters that spell “Boise State,” staff wave from their info tent, and guests use a pump to inflate a human lung at the College of Health Science. Other visitors get to “touch the turf” at Albertsons Stadium’s famous Blue Turf before posing with their families.

[End Card] Boise State University logo