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Video Transcript – Campus Tour Highlights


Video Transcript

Carlos: Welcome to Boise State. My name is Carlos. I’m a junior here at Boise State. I come from a small town called Kamiah, Idaho, and I study business administration management and also human resource management.

Devin: Hi, I’m Devin. I’m a senior here studying human resources with the marketing minor and I’m from Auburn Washington. Let’s head out on tour.

Carlos: This is the Student Union Building. This is where a lot of students can stop in between classes to get something to eat. We have over 200 clubs and organizations here on campus. So you see a lot of the events being held here in the student union building. We also have our Bronco shop in here so you can catch up on your latest Bronco gear.

Devin: Additionally, we have tons of offices here, whether it be the admissions office, the information desk, the gender equity center, Student Involvement and Leadership or the student equity center. Come check it out!

(Carlos and Devin walk from the SUB to the B Plaza)

Devin: Welcome to the B plaza. This is a great opportunity to come and take a picture your first time here at Boise State your first day of school and even pursuing your pictures. Talk about full circle

(Carlos and Devin walk from the B Plaza to Albertsons Library)

Carlos: Welcome to Albertsons Library. This is where a lot of students come to meet their peers to work on assignments use our quiet study areas also use our 3d printers. This is also the home of our College of innovation and design world languages and also our criminal justice department.

(Carlos and Devin walk from Albertsons Library to the Quad)

Carlos: This is our quad area. This is not only physically the heart of campus, but this is also the heart of our activities throughout campus. You’ll see a lot of our clubs, organization, Fraternity and Sorority Life hosting a lot of activities here playing music and also informing a lot of our students about upcoming events.

Devin: And behind us is the administration building where you’ll find our registrar’s office, our financial aid and scholarships, as well as our president’s office on the second floor.

(Carlos and Devin walk from the Quad to the Interactive Learning Center)

Devin: This is the Interactive Learning Center, also known as the ILC. We have tons of different classrooms here as well as study spots that have great views of the Boise Foothills. Another cool thing about the ILC is that we have the Zone here on campus which you can rent GoPros and computers and anything dealing with technology so come check it out.

(Carlos and Devin walk from the ILC To the Micron Business and Economics Building)

Carlos: So this is our Micron Business and Economics building. This is home to our business program here at Boise State. This building is geothermally heated and we also have a lot of other green alternatives. Here we have a rooftop garden, and we try to use as many recycled products for our classes and then also a lot of the material we use in the building itself. The business building is also home to Skaggs Hall. Skaggs Hall is one of the biggest lecture halls here on campus. It holds over 250 students, mostly for introduction courses, and then a series of lectures held by the city of Boise. Our class size for our population of 26,000 is around 30 students to a classroom. The Jackson stockroom is also located in here students and upper division classes are given the opportunity to invest $250,000 into the stock market and money earned from that investment can go towards college business and economics scholarships. And right next, here we have our Center for Visual Arts. Let’s just head over that way.

Devin: This is our Center for Visual Arts. One of our newest buildings here on campus covers about 100,000 square feet inside we have classrooms, galleries, as well as a world museum where students are able to look at art from all over the world virtually. And what’s really cool is right next door we have the Morrison Center that we’re going to check out before we hit the Greenbelt.

Carlos: This is the Morrison Center for Performing Arts. This is the biggest Performing Arts Center here in the state of Idaho. In an aerial view, it is shaped as the state of Idaho and it holds around 2000 people. This is the home for our theater arts department and it is also host to a lot of Broadway musicals like Hamilton and The Lion King.

(Carlos and Devin walk from the Morrison Center to the Greenbelt)

Carlos and Devin: And this is the Friendship Bridge

Carlos: The Boise River Greenbelt is a 25 mile stretch of land alongside the river and has been designated for walking, biking and running. It also serves as a convenient way for Boise State students to commute across and get downtown. A quick 15 minute walk across Friendship Bridge, named to symbolize the friendship between Boise State and the city of Boise will get you to the heart of a vibrant city full of restaurants, concert venues and community focused events. You might even see giraffe head pop out on your walk to class. Zoo Boise is just on the other side of the Boise River from our campus.

Devin: And after you have just a short walk from the Greenbelt you will come across our first-year village where five of the 11 residence halls that we have here for students on campus are available. Living on campus is a great opportunity for students to come and become a part of a community as well as make friends and get involved here on Boise State. Living Learning programs are also a great way for students to live with others within their major so we really encourage you to come and live on campus.

Carlos: Welcome to Albertsons Stadium, home bar famous blue turf here at Boise State. Get ready for some tailgating before the game, double decker buses dressed in orange and blue and then 37,000 Loud fans getting ready to support our Boise State Broncos. Boise State Football has the highest winning percentage at home since the turn of the century and also was dubbed the winningest program in the NCAA currently. And also during bowl season we host the Idaho Potato Bowl here.

Devin: As a full time Boise State student you get admission into the games for free so whether that be football gymnastics or basketball come cheer on on your Broncos. Additionally on the Blue, we have concerts we have Yoga on the Blue as well as movie so come check it out and Go Broncos.

Carlos: Our engineering program has five buildings for them are located on campus, our newest one being our Micron Center Material Research Building. We also have one off campus buildings that is our Computer Science Building. And then we also have the rec center right next door to our Material Research Building.

Devin: Right behind us is our Student Recreation Center, also known as the Rec and one of the
great things about Boise State are all the things included in your tuition, one being
a rec pass. What’s really great about the REC is that you can go and play basketball on our basketball
courts use the cardio machines attend classes, the swimming pool, as well as our rock climbing
wall so there’s tons to do and stay busy at the Rec.

Carlos: Also right next to our rock climbing wall is our outdoor program. Our Outdoor Program is really great because it offers students have the opportunity to go out and experience the Boise and Idaho wilderness. They host either monthly events or they do semester week long trips. They also rent out equipment like Kayak snowboards, skis, any type of equipment you would need.

Devin: Bogus Basis is our local ski resort. And the REC is a great place to come and get your discounted Season Passes. And right behind the Rec Center is our Norco building and it’s the home of our nursing at Boise State as well as our Health Service office in case you’re ever sick while on campus. Our School of Nursing boasts a human performance lab where students can test their athleticism as well as a full simulation lab for nursing students to gain experience before entering their clinical rotations at our local hospitals. The Norco building also houses our counseling services.

Carlos: This is Sawtooth Hall, home of our Honors College. The Honors College of Boise State University offers talented, highly motivated students the personalized attention of a small private school while drawing upon the resources of a large university. More than 1000 students representing every department on campus participate in the Honors College at Boise State. The Honors College provides students with opportunities in and out of the classroom to transform their experience at Boise State, such as discussion based classes that are capped at 25 students, priority registration, increased advising support, and on campus housing in the Honors Residential Hall. Graduates from the program go on to receive national scholarships and land and top graduate schools around the world.

Devin: Thank you so much for coming out on tour with us today. We hope you got a better idea of what life is like here as a bronco.

Carlos: We can’t wait to welcome you to your future Ida-home.

Carlos and Devin: Go Broncos!