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Video Transcript – #GetToKnow Boise State | Donya

Video Transcript

[Graphic: #GetToKnow Boise State]

[Donya Gadley, Regional Admissions Counselor]: Hi! My name is Donya Gadley. I’m the regional admissions counselor here at Boise State. I support students in northern Idaho as well as Eastern Washington and Western Montana. What I love most about Boise State is that it’s a large campus, yet still has that small town feel. My college tip for new students is to get involved in the various clubs and organizations that Boise state has to offer, as it’s a great way to network and make new friends. Now that I’ve introduced myself, I’d love to get to know about you! Tell me in the comments below what it is about Boise State that has you interested in attending here. Learn more about Boise State and find your counselor on our website. We’re here to help, so schedule your virtual or in-person one-on-one meeting. We’re so excited for you to connect with us and begin your admissions Journey towards becoming a future Bronco!