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Video Transcript – Hear from a Boise State student: Elena Paz Muñoz

Video Transcript


[Elena Paz, biochemistry major, senior]: Hi my name is Elena Paz, I study biochemistry here at Boise State and I’m currently a senior.

[Elena]: So I have always been passionate about chemistry I think it was one of subjects in high school that I was just like you know it just combines a little bit of biology it combined some math it just combines everything that I really liked and then I came to Boise State and I talked to the advisor here at Boise State and she just really reinforced how great the department here was, it’s kind of a small department so you get really a lot of attention with each professor you really get to know them which is super helpful, if you have any questions you know you can always contact them and they’re amazing about getting back to you and just you know they’re super hands-on and they’re super excited about chemistry and want to get you involved with the department and want to make you feel like it’s your home basically.

[Elena]: So I’ve been doing research for the past year and a half here at Boise State, I’ve actually done research the entire summer on a research fellowship. I think in general doing research is super important, I think it really exposes you to what you’ll be doing in the real world you know when you step outside of Boise State you need to know how to use all the equipment you need to know how to follow certain procedures know how to think outside the box kind of you know you’re given this problem how do we solve it and so that’s what research has just been super helpful and they just you know professors help you but if you live here now how can you improve how can I do this better and so I think taking those skills outside of a lab into the real world and that’s what I’m gonna definitely value the most.