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Video Transcript – Join us on!

Video Transcript

[Narrator]: Hello from the boise state admissions office. Join us on

[Narrator]: is a free platform that provides one centralized location for managing visits student applications and document downloads.

[Narrator]: When you’re in you will have your own login where you can access your students records.

[Graphic: Video example of student listing]

[Narrator]: Through you have the ability to see where your students have applied. You can also see the status and decision of their applications from each college that they’ve applied to.

[Graphic: Video example of student profile material checklist]

[Narrator]: You can see a more detailed view of where they’re at in the admissions process for a specific school by looking at their materials checklist.

[Narrator]: With you strengthen your communication between undergraduate admissions offices and students during the college search and application process.

[Narrator]: Join us on today.